Patti Wilkinson to Kendra: Ava London Gave Hank Hand Relief & I'm Gonna Tell the World!

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Just when Kendra Wilkinson thought that her husband’s cheating scandal was finally behind them, her own mother is stirring the pot. 

Hardcore. Nothing soft about this.

Threatening to blow the lid off his affair in a bombshell tell-all, Patti Wilkinson is out to set the record straight ... for reasons unknown.

Kendra Wilkinson, Mom

In the upcoming season of Kendra On Top, which is apparently still a show that is on the air, the mother-daughter feud begins anew.

The older Wilkinson rips the wound open again, as seen in the trailer above, by declaring that she is GOING TO EXPOSE her daughter.

K-Dubs is not happy.

“You would have to write about Hank and the scandal and me,” Kendra screams. “You can have your family back or you can write this book!”

Patti is undeterred by this threat, defiantly telling the reality star that, “First of all, I don’t give a s--t what [Hank] thinks! The truth hurts!"

"The truth hurts!”

Those familiar with Kendra and Patti Wilkinson know that they've had a strained relationship through the years, to say the very least

But this?

Kendra Wilkinson with The Finger

Again, it's unclear why Patti is hung up on Hank Baskett, Ava London and whatever happened between them, but it looks ugly. Ugly.

The celebrity couple survived a brief separation, and three years later, remain together as a family ... at least until Patti has her say.

This is not the kind of scandal that you move on from easily, assuming what's reported by celebrity gossip outlets is even half accurate.

On Kendra On Top and Marriage Boot Camp, this played out in epic fashion in 2014-15, and Hank could barely hold himself together.

There was a memorable (televised, obviously) exchange in which a scorned Kendra asked him once and for all to cop to this infidelity.

In graphic, cringe-worthy detail.

Ava Photo

Did her spouse really receive a hand job from Ava London, a transgender model he discovered and became infatuated with on YouTube?

Did Hank try to pay her off afterward, making ATM withdrawals and dropping off cash (which obviously wasn't enough to make her zip it)?

Or, was he looking to smoke some weed with a friend, only to end up being briefly fondled over his shorts by London against his will?

In an excruciating scene, Kendra made him describe whether or not London's hand made his way over or under his shorts at that moment.

Baskett's non-committal answers made the whole thing even weirder, while Ava London claimed, in no uncertain terms, that she got him off.

And vice versa. Talking mutual orgasms here.

Ava London Video Still

London has made this affair sound very much like ... well, an affair in which bodily fluids were excreted after energetic manual stimulation.

Hank has tried to dance around this with varying degrees of effectiveness, clearly feeling guilty about ... whatever the hell he achieved.

Bottom line: Hank and Ava had some sort of interaction, because if he didn't know her or never touched her, he would just state this.

He never stated this.

Nevertheless, whatever he told Kendra on camera and behind closed doors, she found it in her heart (or self interest) to forgive him.

She Tweeted that she loves Baskett, she forgives Baskett and that critics should f--k with her and her definition of love at their peril.

Deep stuff right there.

We'll see if Patti's forthcoming memoir threatens that marital tranquility once more, as she seems determined to get her hands dirty (sorry).

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