Jenelle Evans: My Marriage Will Last, Even If It Kills Me!

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You don't have to be following Jenelle Evans too closely to know that her marriage isn't going great.

In fact, you probably only have to know that she's married and have a vague idea about who she is to figure that one out.

Jenelle, Dave Eason

Jenelle has never had a good relationship, ever.

We've seen so much of her life over the years, and yeah, we can say that with absolute confidence.

She's always dated awful men, men who abused her in one way or another.

Her father abandoned her when she was young, and up until recently, she's despised her mother.

Jenelle with Jace and Barbara

She's not close at all with her brother and sister, and we've seen her go through several friends.

Even when it comes to her own children, there are problems -- she doesn't have custody of one, she's been accused of abusing and neglecting another, and her daughter was born with drugs in her system.

So yeah, no one should be shocked at the idea that her relationship with husband David Eason isn't all that healthy.

Things have been bad between them for a while now, probably ever since they met, but they're definitely getting worse.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

Like, they're getting downright violent.

Last year, Nathan Griffith's mother tried to get emergency custody of Kaiser because, as she claimed, David had been abusing him.

She and Nathan tried again over the summer, and they even refused to hand the kid back over to Jenelle after a weekend visit, because they said he had bruises he'd received from David.

Nothing ever came of this, although Nathan may still be working on his custody case.

Nathan and Kaiser Being Tough

But all those claims got a whole lot more concerning when Jenelle herself said that David has assaulted her.

In October, she called 911 and told the operator that he had struck her and pinned her down on the ground, and that she thought she heard her collarbone snap.

Jenelle is a lot of things, but a good actor is not one of them, and her hysterical sobs were heartbreakingly convincing.

After the call was released, she denied everything, and for a while, they were intent on showing us all how much they love each other.

Kiss for David

But now they're taking turns unfollowing each other on Instagram, and this week she updated her relationship status on Facebook to "separated."

She's denied anything is wrong already though, so ...

It's all just so much, isn't it?

And that's why we're not surprised to see this new report from Hollywood Life about how messed up things really are in this marriage.

David and Jenelle Eason Photo

According to a source who spoke with the site, "Jenelle and David fight like cats and dogs, they are pretty much constantly at odds with each other over something or other, and they have pretty explosive blow ups pretty regularly."

"Jenelle loves to paint this image of the ideal marriage, with her gushing interviews about David and picture perfect family Instagram posts."

But meanwhile, over in reality, "their relationship is far from healthy."

You don't say!

Jenelle Evans and David Eason on July 4

"Jenelle and David both have anger management issues," the source continues, "and neither of them likes to back down when they believe they've been wronged and they're in the right, so they fight regularly and hard."

"Usually it is Jenelle, though, that's forced to play peacemaker -- she feels she has the most to lose if their marriage fails, and she has spent so much time defending David and talking him up."

This Eason insider concludes this awful story with "She doesn't want to lose face, no matter how emotionally taxing and unhealthy it may be to stay together."

Yeah, that sounds like her.

Dave Eason and Jenelle Eason

It's just so sad to think that Jenelle is staying in an abusive marriage because she thinks she'd look bad somehow if she left.

Really, ever since that infamous 911 call made the rounds, even some of her biggest haters have said that they hope she manages to leave David.

Even if she told the truth when she said that her call was the result of a drunken misunderstanding, there are still way, way too many red flags with him.

And while we're sure a divorce would be scary in many ways, she could definitely use that Teen Mom money to get her life on track while David sinks into the swamp or whatever.

You can do it, girl!

Dump that jackass already!

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