Jenelle Evans: Losing Custody of Son After Explosive Police Incident, Shocking Turn of Events

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Jenelle Evans has a little habit of finding herself involved in a little bit of drama from time to time.

You may have noticed it.

She fights with her mother, she fights with whatever guy she's dating at the time (as well as all the guys she's dated before that guy and those guys' new girlfriends), she fights with her employers at MTV.

She even fights with dogs. For real, we've seen it on Teen Mom 2.

It's bad.

But even with that long, long history of violence and anger, one of the worst situations she's ever found herself in has to do with her second child, Kaiser, and the custody battle over him.

If you somehow missed the original news of that custody battle, or if you're wondering why we're talking about it again when there hasn't been news for several months now, well, just stick with us.

And maybe grab some tissues, because this - which The Ashley's Reality Roundup first reported - is genuinely a horrific story.

1. Awww, Kaiser

Awww, Kaiser
This is sweet little Kaiser! He just turned four last week, and he's Jenelle's second child. She shares him with Nathan Griffith, although their coparenting relationship has really never been all that great.

2. Come On, Nathan

Come On, Nathan
When Kaiser spends time with Nathan, it seems that he typically stays with Nathan's mother, Doris, because Nathan is a bit of a mess himself.

3. Grandma Doris to the Rescue

Grandma Doris to the Rescue
So Doris is pretty involved in Kaiser's life, that's what we're saying. And that's why when she began to develop some big concerns last year over Kaiser's safety, she tried to get emergency custody of him.

4. So Sad

So Sad
According to court documents filed by Doris, the toddler would often come for visits with several suspicious bruises. He even told her once that David Eason, Jenelle's awful husband, had punched him in the head.

5. Solid Parenting

Solid Parenting
She also claimed that Jenelle and David lock all of the kids outside the house for hours at a time while they stay inside, and that once she'd arrived at the house to see the sight for herself. She said that Jace once got lost in the woods for the better part of a day, and that obviously the Easons' parenting style just isn't cutting it.

6. Poor, Poor Kaiser

Poor, Poor Kaiser
There were all sorts of awful stuff in those documents -- that's when we learned that little Ensley had a failed drug test at birth and that there'd been a CPS investigation, and there were just tons and tons of stories about how Jenelle and David were allegedly neglecting the kids.

7. No Conclusion

No Conclusion
A date was set for a hearing, but it got pushed back a few times, and then it seemed like the matter was dropped altogether. We haven't heard much of anything about Doris and her desire to get custody of Kaiser for months ... but there was a bit of an incident over the weekend.

8. This Again?

This Again?
According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, “Kaiser was with Doris, and during his visit, Doris discovered bruising on Kaiser." The bruising wasn't severe -- “it was medium-sized bruising,” the site's source states, and “there was no finger mark bruising or anything like that.”

9. Still Not Great

Still Not Great
But even so, “Nathan texted David on Friday and told him that there’s going to be a warrant out for his arrest for abusing Kaiser."

10. Come Through, Doris!

Come Through, Doris!
And while we all know Nathan sometimes talks a big talk without actually following through, the source says that “That same night, Doris told Jenelle that she and Nathan aren’t giving Kaiser back to them because of the bruise discovery. Doris called the police on Friday night to make a report.”

11. It's Going Down

It's Going Down
Then on Sunday, the day that Doris was scheduled to drop Kaiser off with Jenelle and David ... she didn't. She followed through on her word and refused to give Kaiser up.

12. Tough Break, Girl

Tough Break, Girl
Jenelle did not handle it well.

13. Callin' the Law

Callin' the Law
When she figured out that Doris really wasn't planning on bringing Kaiser back to her, she became "enraged," and she called the police on Sunday afternoon. An officer accompanied her to Doris' home, and he hollered at someone from CPS for backup.

14. Save Kaiser

Save Kaiser
According to the insider, the person from CPS "basically said that there wasn’t enough proof of abuse to keep Kaiser away from David. She said that amount of bruising could have happened while Kaiser was playing.” She told them that she "didn’t have enough evidence to step in."

15. However ...

However ...
Apparently in situations like this, police have the final say, and in this particular situation, “He said he wasn’t going to force Kaiser to go with Jenelle and David because there was a bruise on the child. The cop had the power to enforce one way or another and he chose to allow Kaiser to stay with Doris/Nathan.”

16. Watch Out, North Carolina

Watch Out, North Carolina
There's no word on just how badly Jenelle reacted when she heard that she wouldn't be getting her way, but the site does say that after the cop sided with Doris, she immediately began talking with her lawyer so he could set up an emergency hearing.

17. Team Kaiser

Team Kaiser
As far as anyone knows, the hearing hasn't happened yet, and Kaiser is still with Doris and Nathan.

18. Damage Control

Damage Control
Meanwhile, Jenelle has been doing damage control -- she shared this little thing that Kaiser allegedly filled out about David for Father's Day.

19. ... Really?

... Really?
"My kid is one of a kind that’s for sure!" she captioned the photo. "When asked to make a #FathersDay gift the first person he thought of was David. He refused to make another gift for his biological dad. The impact my husband has had on my son has been truly remarkable. When others didn’t step up, David did. Sometimes all you do as a parent goes unnoticed until your child comes home with a sweet gift like this one from school. The bond between them will forever inseparable no matter what tries to come in-between them."

20. ... But REALLY?!

... But REALLY?!
Is any of that true? Maybe, maybe not. Nathan is a mess and he has more than his fair share of issues, but it's never seemed like he's on "biological dad" terms with Kaiser. And judging by everything we've seen on Teen Mom 2, it's definitely not like David is Kaiser's hero.

21. Oh, Jenelle ...

Oh, Jenelle ...
In another post, Jenelle wrote "Drop your kid off, then go drink. That’s what you do best." Everyone assumed it was about Nathan, and David confirmed it -- in his own post, he wrote "I'm so glad Kaiser had a great birthday party with us because there was a lot of fighting and drinking at his dad's bday party!"

22. Doing Fine

Doing Fine
We think Kaiser's managed to pull through any trauma from his birthday party with Nathan though, because he's been sharing photos and videos of the little guy playing and looking pretty happy.

23. A "Great" Mom

A "Great" Mom
In the comments, someone told Jenelle that she's a great mom and that Doris shouldn't be doing what she's doing, and she responded with "It’s ok, he will be home soon." Which is interesting, because that's a direct confirmation that Kaiser really isn't with her right now.

24. Not Weird at All

Not Weird at All
Jenelle and David really are trying to come across as poor, wronged parents -- David shared that Father's Day form that Kaiser filled out and added "I love you allllll to the moon to back Bubba! I felt bad Kaiser Griffith put my name on the fathers day gift but they said he wouldn't budge about it all week and wouldn't have it any other way. Nobody will come between the bond we have and cant wait to get you back today or tomorrow!"

25. Riiiiiight

We're sure Kaiser, a super energetic kid that just turned four, really did feel strongly enough about the issue to insist that he make a card for David instead of Nathan, and that he talked about it all week, and also that he is absolutely devastated by being separated from David, the giant man who yanks him around and tells him what a little bitch he is. 100% believable.

26. Sure Thing

Sure Thing
Over in Jenelle's comments, she kept the conversation going by claiming "There is not an emergency hearing. There’s an investigation based off a bruise from a water slide on water day confirmed by his daycare. Don’t want to hear it."

27. Barb's Approval?

Barb's Approval?
In another comment, she said that the whole thing is "bullsh-t," and that "Even my mom told Nathan she saw nothing wrong with the bruise. Now I could show everyone some sh-t that Nathan has done that’s way worse and has been reported and he’s been watched. But that’s no ones business."

28. What Is Happening?

What Is Happening?
How would she know her mother said that if she hasn't been talking to her mother for months? And even if she does have proof that Nathan did something to Kaiser, why is she running her mouth about how what he did is "way worse" instead of taking care of that issue? And if it's true, that doesn't magically make this issue go away. Jesus God, Jenelle.


"When kaiser is at home he’s go-karting, dirt biking, 4 wheeling, zip lining, jumping off our waterfall spa into the pool," she added. "He’s fearless and gets bruised from time to time. He has 9 acres of land to play on.”

30. And There You Go

And There You Go
That really sums up who Jenelle is as a person: her son has bruises, a police officer saw reason enough to keep her son away from her because of those bruises, and she still doesn't have him back, but instead of dealing with that, she's on Facebook bragging about how many acres of land she owns.

31. Ugh

Is there any hope at all left for this girl? Because it really, truly does not seem like it.

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