Catelynn Baltierra: I Am Not Getting a Divorce, Okay?!?

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Catelynn Baltierra gets where the rumors are coming from.

She really does.

But the veteran Teen Mom star still has a message to send to critics, trolls and haters.

Catelynn on Season 8

And that message it this:


Catelynn and Tyler have faced questions about their relationship for many months now.

But those questions grew more intense after it came out on a recent Teen Mom OG episode that Tyler wanted a separation.

Did this really happen? Yes. Is this really what Tyler wants? Yes.

But it's not your typical separation.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell at the VMAs

“YES we are having a 30 day reflection time. NO we are not getting a divorce!" Catelynn wrote in a since-deleted Instagram message on Friday.

She added of her daughter, this unusual arrangement and her hospitalization for mental health issues earlier this year:

"YES I know what I put him and nova through when I left for treatment."

Tyler explained in a recent interview that he and Catelynn are committed to each other and remain very much in love.

He simply thinks they need some space from each other from time to time, while acknowledging that they still hang out during this "reflection" time and are still in couples therapy.

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra

In the aforementioned social media post, Catelynn only had positive things to say about her husband.

“He was AMAZING and supported me through the whole time! I also knew I had to go so I wouldn’t commit SUICIDE! I am supporting what he wants now! We love each other and ALWAYS WILL!”

Catelynn suffered a miscarriage early in 2018 and the fallout from such a trauma resulted in her needing to enter rehab for a few weeks in order to deal with ongoing Depression.

Tyler confessed at times that this disorder made things difficult on occasion.

But he also expressed his support for Catelynn at every turn.

"The main goal is to stay with my wife and live this life. We love each other," he told Us Weekly after the latest episode of Teen Mom OG aired.

Sadly, though, not everyone gets it.

Cb message

As you can see above, Catelynn has been facing a great deal of backlash from strangers online these days.

She addressed these cruel individuals on Wednesday by writing:

"Some of u people disgust me!

"How can we treat other women with such hate & nasty words? Especially when they r carrying a child!!! No wonder I didn’t use social media 4 the longest time!

"At least I can go 2 sleep knowing I’m not an evil, vile person."

Tyler, for his part, has also tried to tell these same people to chill out and shut up.

ty message

Conclued Catelynn earlier in the week:

Why can’t we lift one another instead of feeling the need to be so rude and disgusting? Thank god my girls will be taught to speak kindly to other people and to stand up for themselves!

THANK YOU to all my supporters you all rock!!!!!

Tyler and Catelynn have been together since middle school and are expecting their third child in March.

(They gave up the first for adoption and happily parent three-year old Nova together these days.)

The couple has revealed that it is expecting a girl and she will be named Tezlee.

Yes, Tezlee.

Allow Tyler to explain...

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