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Remember back when 90 Day Fiance viewers thought that Ricky Reyes was being catfished? He ended up not being very sympathetic.

Well, now Ricky has gotten into an online feud with another infamous alum of the series: Mohamed Jbali.

See their heated exchange below:

Ricky Reyes, 90 Day Fiance

Mohamed Jbali took to Instagram to reveal to his followers that he helped a friend make a music video.

Some followers were excited, others were uninterested.

Fellow 90 Day Fiance alum Ricky Reyes was enraged.

"What a punk, really??" Ricky wrote.

"I send Mohamed a message to collab since we in the same state/city," Ricky claimed. "And he never responded."

He then changed his tune, if slightly.

"I’m really interested to see how it comes out," he added. "I will give credit if it’s good, I won’t be a hater."

Ricky on 90 Day Fiance

Ricky has his own production company, so of course he wished that he had been involved.

That was why he went on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days in the first place — for publicity.

Ricky broke Ximena’s heart on television just to famous.

But someone who knows Mohamed Jbali better than most stepped in.

"[Mohamed] won’t reply," Danielle Mullins warned Ricky. "Because he probably knows you were on the show."

"And," Danielle claimed. "If you are not a panty dripper he won’t respond."

Danielle Mullins Wears Pink

"lmao your comment is priceless," raved one fan.

Danielle has all of the receipts on Mohamed and she is always happy to share them with fans.

Their divorce was bitter to say the least.

Another followers asked Danielle what in the world a "panty dripper" might be.

(Others had assumed that she simply meant a panty dropper, but this was not the case)

Danielle defines panty drippers as "Women that message Mohamed telling him he is good and praise him."

Danielle Mullins, No Glasses Selfie

Some were quick to criticize Danielle for, well, how quick to criticize Mohamed she seems to be.

One commenter accused Danielle of being "obsessed" with her ex husband.

Danielle insists that this is not the case.

"No," she wrote. "I was answering on a friend’s post and explaining to [Ricky] why [Mohamed] would not answer him."

"That," Danielle explained. "Is not being obsessed."

Fair enough.

Mohamed Jbali is a Little Frustrated

Mohamed, it seems, did not care for Ricky’s reaction.

"I’m on social media to communicate with family and friends and share my thoughts," Mohamed writes. "And not any other reason."

"Drama is not my thing," he insists. "TV and fame are not for me."

He learned that the hard way.

"I’m not obligated to answer my DM’s 24/7," he asserts.

"Not my job to help someone get famous," Mohamed concludes. "Sorry for disappointing."

Mohamed Jbali lashes out on Instagram

"Mohamed be direct, man up," Ricky insists in a response of his own.

"You ain’t famous," Ricky accuses. "And I don’t need your help to be famous because that’s not what I want.”

Yeah, if Ricky wanted to increase his fame, he would presumably flirt with more women and then propose to whichever one didn’t ghost him.

You know, just like last time.

“I’m about business," Ricky writes. "I make decisions based on how to maximize and generate revenue."

"Anyhow, I do need your help, I need a ride to the airport next week heading out to NYC for another smart business endeavor," he jokes.

Ricky concludes: "BTW I’m a good tipper."

(Fun fact: when it comes to tipping, actions speak louder than words, and people who say that they are "good tippers" seldom are)

Ricky Reyes speaks up on 90 Day Fiance

Ricky did later soften his words.

"I’ve got nothing against Mohamed,” he said in a later Instagram video. “I think he’s a good guy."

That’s not something that you hear very often about Mohamed Jbali.

"He works hard, and you got to respect a man for that," Ricky claims.

"You know, no matter where he works, as long as he’s working, bringing food to the table, and surviving, you got to respect that," Ricky says.

That sounds like he’s casting shady aspersions at Mohamed’s blue collar employment.