Tyler Baltierra Explains Unusual Baby Name: We Just Made It Up!

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Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are having a baby.

Hooray, right?!?

Yes, absolutely.

But some Teen Mom OG viewers have seen their excitement tempered a bit by the reveal of what Catelynn and Tyler will name this impending daughter.

Many of us have simply been left confused by the collection of letters here.

Thankfully, Tyler understands said confusion and is happy to explain how he and his wife arrived at their decision. 

Scroll down to find out!

1. Tezlee?

On the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler, Catelynn and her mom visited the doctor for a 4D ultrasound appointment. The doctor asked if the couple had thought of a name for their daughter and they said yes... this is it!

2. It Doesn't Exactly Roll Off the Tongue

It Doesn't Exactly Roll Off the Tongue
Most viewers were left scratching their heads, wondering just how the couple arrived at such a decision.

3. But Now We Know!

But Now We Know!
Catelynn and Tyler spoke with Us Weekly for a podcast that was released shortly after this episode aired. The first subject tackled? What's up with Tezlee as a name?!?

4. If It Sounds Unique...

If It Sounds Unique...
... that's because it is. "We were looking at names and we were just writing it down and I don’t know … I saw Lesley and I’m like, ‘No, not Lesley’ It’s kinda weird. We just put different words together, letters together," Tyler explained on this podcast.

5. There's a Theme. We Swear!

There's a Theme. We Swear!
"We wanted to keep Lee in there ’cause [of our daughter] Novalee, so we just played around with it and then Tezlee [came up]," Tyler continued. "I sent Cate a whole list of different names, of ones that I looked at, saw or kind of combined myself and she took that one!"

6. Hey, Whatever, Guys!

Hey, Whatever, Guys!
Seriously. After Catelynn suffered a miscarriage several months ago, we're just pleasantly surprised these two are expecting again. It's a miracle.

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