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If you’re looking to get either Cardi B or Offset a gift this year for Christmas, don’t bother with a pullover.


Because the artists are already pulling one over on the American public!

off with card
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It was less than two weeks ago that Cardi B announced she and the Migos member were ending their marriage.

She didn’t speak ill of Offset in this announcement, but just a day later word started to spread that Offset tried to arrange a threesome without Cardi and had been cheating with some woman named Sum Bunni.

Ms. Bunni later confirmed she had been taking it from Offset during his marriage.

Cardi has remained mostly silent on this controversy, but was forced to take action this past Saturday night after Offset allegedly crashed her concert and tried to apologize on stage.

The singer was having none of this public display and gave her estranged husband the boot.

You can relive the incident here:

Was this a legitimate surprise?

Did security somehow fail miserably at its job let Offset just storm the stage?

It seems impossible to believe, doesn’t it?

Cardi B and Offset Take a Walk
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And that’s because this was clearly a staged act, made obvious and notable by the fact that Cardi’s publicist actually led Offset on to the stage over the weekend.

Fans have been suspicious that this was some kind of PR ploy ever since it transpired — and now insiders are confirming that Cardi and Offset are sitting back and simply laughing at the fools who believe otherwise.

Of course the interruption was staged, you guys.

Shortly after the video of Offset cutting into Cardi’s set went viral, fans started calling Offset out for daring to do such a thing.

Cardi B with Offset
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This prompted Cardi to speak out on Instagram in defense of her annoying husband.

"I see a lot of people bashing me because they feel that because I’m defending my baby father, they think that I’m gonna get back together with him,” said Cardi, who shares five-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari with Offset.

She continued:

“I’m not saying that I’m gonna get back together with him. I just don’t like that bashing online thing."

Offset Kisses Cardi B
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We’re pretty certain Cardi B will get back together with Offset, but for now she just wants folks to give him a break.

She even referenced Pete Davidson’s very recent breakdown over the weekend, citing how the SNL cast member wrote on social media that he no longer wanted to be on Earth.

"Just earlier, you just saw how Pete Davidson was talking about how he don’t even want to be on this earth because mad people be coming at him every single day," she said, adding:

"I wouldn’t want my baby father to have that feeling because of millions of people be bashing him every day. That’s a nasty feeling, and I wouldn’t want that."

Offset on Video
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What would Cardi and Offset actually get out of fooling everyone in this manner?

Considering how they are already very successful and considering how being in an up-and-down relationship really isn’t good for anyone’s brand, we have no idea.

All we can say for certain is that this is all a bunch of BS.

The couple is not in a fight. They just want you to think that they are.