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It looks like the Duggar family is embroiled in yet another major scandal.

And this one involves the family’s most mild-mannered member, fan favorite Jana Duggar.

Jana Duggar on TLC Photo
Photo via TLC

More accurately it involves Jana’s "friend" and rumored romantic partner Caleb Williams.

An anonymous source informs The Hollywood Gossip exclusively that Caleb has been arrested for having sex with a minor.

Caleb and Jana reportedly dated last year, but neither party ever publicly confirmed the relationship.

Caleb Williams With Mason Duggar
Photo via Instagram

"Caleb has been arrested for Criminal Sex with a minor [in] Logan County illinois," the insider writes in an email to THG.

"Duggar family better check their little ones! This is a dangerous fella. Williams are trying their best to cover it up."

The source goes on to explain that Caleb’s brother, Joshua Williams, also has a criminal past:

Caleb Williams Pic
Photo via Instagram

"This one too Caleb’s brother Joshua M. Williams arrested for child abuse [in] Washington County, Arkansas," the tipster writes.

"Both boys were avoiding arrest warrants by changing address and hiding in their homes when paper were trying to be served."

Perhaps not surprisingly, both men have ties to Josh Duggar, who was exposed in 2015 as having molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

Caleb Williams With Jim Bob Duggar
Photo via Instagram

"Both worked with Josh Duggar selling used cars ‘junkers,’" the source writes, adding:

"Birds of a feather flock together?!"

The insider goes on to maintain that Josh is still doing business with family members who claimed to have cut ties with him, writing:

Josh Duggar on Election Day
Photo via Instagram

"Jim Bob Duggar should be careful who he lets his family associate with. Josh now rents the Duggars’ building near their home as a Tree Service. 

"I wish to remain anonymous because of my involvement," the insider continues.

"If they all were not deceiving others and shifting blame to innocent people I wouldn’t be so inclined to share."

Shedding light on why crimes by the rich and powerful so often go unreported, the insider adds:

Caleb Williams
Photo via Facebook

"They have money to hire expensive layers, those they hurt do not."

The anonymous email concludes:

"I thought this stuff only happened in movies.

Jim Bob Duggar: Father of the Groom

"These are dangerous people innocent children are in harm’s way.

"May you do you best to separate the evil from the good."

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.