Cardi B: Is She Really Back With Offset?

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No one can really say that they were surprised when Cardi B and Offset broke up after Offset was caught cheating.

Unfortunately, it also wasn't a shock to hear that Cardi B might get back with Offset.

Fortunately, apparently Cardi's plans to reconcile are nothing but a rumor. It's really over.

Cardi B & Offset Image

The Blast reports that, as far as current plans go, Cardi and Offset are never, ever, ever getting back together.

There were other reports, earlier in the week, that said something very different.

See, the story went that Cardi and Offset were patching things up by rekindling their romance.

A lot of Cardi's fans were disappointed to see her back with her cheating husband, but they weren't too surprised.

The only good piece of news from it was that Cardi had reportedly gotten him to sign an agreement.

It would have penalized him $10 million -- which is nearly two-thirds of his net worth -- if he cheated on her again.

Cardi B with Offset

A deal like that isn't a guarantee, but if Cardi has a bit of what they call a Xanatos Complex, she might want that provision.

Either she keeps her husband loyal or she gets $10 million.

That's a pretty nice deal -- the kind that might make some people hope for cheating, even.

But The Blast reports that there is no deal of the sort in place.

And, again, that Cardi and Offset are both still single.

Offset and Cardi B

Cardi's fans -- and, quite frankly, others -- were happy to poke fun at Offset for having an amazing marriage and just ruining it with his penis.

Offset lashed out online, insisting that he was genuinely emotional and missed Cardi.

He didn't appreciate people laughing at his expense.

Well, Cardi didn't appreciate him making a fool of her with his cheating antics.

Many find it difficult to work up a lot of empathy or even just sympathy for a man who had a good thing going for him and just tossed it out.

To quote Michael from The Good Place, "Humans make a lot of mistakes when they're horny."

Cardi B and Offset PDA

On the plus side, maybe fans will never again have to see Cardi and Offset make out on social media.

Even though we know that Cardi was fully dressed, it sure looked like Offset was fingering Cardi for all to see.

That kind of PDA might be cute when you're a teenager, but some of Cardi's fans found it offputting.

The thing about being a celebrity is that fans loving you doesn't mean that they automatically love the man that you love.

Many stans insisted that he's not good enough for Cardi, and even that he was just latching onto her at the start of her rise to mega-fame.

When he was exposed as a cheater, those same super-fans felt vindicated.

Their suspicions were confirmed.

Cardi B and Offset

It's clear that Offset is still crazy about Cardi.

It's more than possible that they will get back together.

We've seen it happen again and again, whether it's with friends or celebrities. Some women are very, very forgiving once they cool off.

So her fans should brace themselves for that.

If Cardi does take him back, maybe she really will set things up with a punitive postnup.

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