Eric Rosenbrook, 90 Day Fiance Star, Called a Homeless Liar by Daughter

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It turns out that Leida Margaretha ordering Tasha to move out within minutes of meeting was only the beginning of their sour relations.

The 90 Day Fiance drama has spilled over onto social media, where Eric Rpsembrook and Tasha argue about everything.

Now, Tasha is exposing her father as a liar ... and says that he was homeless until she invited him to move in with her.

Leida and Eric

"When I moved in with Tasha in the apartment after her roommates bailed on her," Eric begins.

He continues: "The agreement was that she would be out by the time Leida got here."

"She had 10 months to find a place," Eric claims.

"The agreement," Eric says. "Was that we split the bills and rent, because I wanted to make sure she could handle the responsibility of living on her own."

He then says that he covered all bills when she got sick in the winter and had to miss work.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook claims

"BTW," Eric says. "Her roommates that bailed on her were the same ones she bailed on her mom with to move in with."

We're not sure that we'd characterize an adult woman moving out as "bailing" on her mother, but okay.

He claims that Tasha's move forced his eldest daughter to miss work in order to watch his youngest.

Eric's post goes on and on and on, but those are the essentials.

He's basically saying that he was generously supporting her but that she refused to move out and doesn't seem to be supportive of her parents.

Tasha, however, says that his claims are full of lies.

90 Day Fiance: Tasha Rosenbrook Refutes Dad's Lies

"Sweet Jesus," Tasha replies. "This is full of lies."

She clearly doesn't have time to get into everything -- her dad wrote multiple pages dragging her name through the mud.

But she does address a few points.

"My former roommates did not bail on me," Tasha clarifies.

"They were married with a kid and got a house," she explains.

That seems like a not-so-subtle jab at her dad and Leida, but really that's just what her friends did.

"I did not bail on my mother," Tasha writes. "I moved out because I was 18 and had the opportunity to."

She then says that her older sister didn't have a job to "miss" at the time, and that she's not even getting into the rest.

Leida Margaretha

That was only part of the drama between father and daughter that has played out on social media.

Leida's Instagram account has been suspended by Instagram.

It's not clear exactly why, but apparently the multiple reports that Instagram received were enough to have moderators convinced.

Leida has been known for hitting back harshly against her online critics and against trolls, so that may have played a role.

When a follower asked Tasha what she thought about Leida suspension, Tasha did not hold back about being thrilled.

Eric decided to call out his daughter and, once again, to defend Leida.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook vs Tasha

Maybe Leida and Tasha would be getting along better if Leida hadn't started off their relationship by accusing Tasha of sabotage and then ordering her to move out.


Fortunately, Tasha is back on her feet, as she made very clear in her Thanksgiving post last week.

"I am also grateful that I still have a family and friends after all that's happened this year," Tasha wrote.

She continued: "I'm grateful that I found a place to live and I didn't have to be on the streets."

"I'm grateful that God has sent me on the right path," she added. "And helped me through everything."

She included this photo:

Tasha Rosenbrook

The conflict that we've seen on screen between Eric, Tasha, and Leida pales beside what they've been up to off screen.

On social media, Tasha has not held back.

Her explanation for why her dad moved in with her is very different from his version of events.

Tasha revealed that her dad was homeless -- living in his car -- and that she allowed him to be her roommate.

It sounds like it was probably a mutually beneficial situation -- she got help with rent, he had a roof over his head.

Whatever the truth is, it's a shame to see this family torn apart.

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