Kate Gosselin vs. Jon Gosselin: Let the Custody Battle Commence!

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It's been almost 10 years since Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin were husband and wife.

But the bad blood between the ex-spouses and former reality star has hardly dissipated in that time.

And now we've learned that the mediocre parents are about to square off in court...

jon g and kate g

... with something rather major at stake:

The future and well-being of their son, Collin.

As previously reported, Jon has been spending a lot of time with Collin of late.

The frequent photos of father and teenager on Instagram have taken many followers by shock -- considering Jon's status as an absentee dad and Collin's status as a student at a program for kids with special needs.

Collin had scarely been seen around any members of his family for years, and now he's hanging with Jon.

What gives?!?

Jon Gosselin, 2 Kids

A lot, apparently, as Jon has actually filed for full custody of Collin.

This news was reported a few weeks ago, but we can now update the case with an actual date: On December 4, the bitter ex-lovers will appear in a Pennsylvania courtroom for a hearing.

Jon and his attorney will argue at that time that it is in Collin's best interests to live with his dad upon his release from the aforementioned inpatient facility.

And this release may actually take place before Christmas of this year.

Jon is really hoping that Collin will spend that holiday with him and Hannah, the 14-year old who has also been practically living with her father for months now.

Two Gosselins

According to the court documents, Kate still maintains custody of Hannah and Jon has not filed to change this status.

But it could stand to reason it would be his next step if he successfully wins primary custody of Hannah's brother.

Jon and Kate, of course, are the parents of 14-year-old sextuplets Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden; along with 18-year-old twins Cara and Mady.

They all starred together years ago on the reality shwo Jon & Kate Plus 8.

For the most part, this series made two things clear to viewers:

  1. Never have eight children.
  2. Never get married to either Jon or Kate.

The couple divorced in 2009.

Kate, Kids

There have been plenty of fights and angry remarks made over the years between the exes, but this is the first time actual custody of one of their children has been an issue.

In the past, Jon was barely even in the picture, let alone asking to care for his kids.

And Kate was busy starring on a TLC spinoff and trying to milk her situation for all the money she possibly could.

Kate, meanwhile, has yet to publicly comment on her custody dispute with Jon.

The annoying star last shared a photo of all of her kids - with the exception of Hannah and Collin - on their first day of school back in August.

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