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Whoa! Did you see that?!?

We’re pretty sure a pig just went flying by the window.

And, oh, hey, can you open your door please?

A few cows just came home.

Jon Gosselin, 2 Kids

These are things that folks have said for generations would never happen, yet they also said the same thing about Jon Gosselin being a good father.

And lo and behold… just take a look at the last few weeks!

Gosselin has seemingly turned his life around, dedicating his time of late to actually parenting instead of whining, complaining and desperately attempting to remain in the celebrity spotlight.

This has been most prominent when it comes to Jon’s interactions with daughter Hannah and son Collin.

Back in August, Gosselin started hanging out often with Hannah, even alleging that she was living with him full-tiime.

This doesn’t appear to be the case, but Hannah and Jon are clearly very close once again.

Jon Gosselin, Family Man

More recently, however, Jon has really taken the Internet by surprised storm because he’s been posing frequently with Collin on social media.

Yes, the same Collin who has been enrolled in some sort of special needs program for children his age.

Over the past few years, neither Jon nor horrible ex-wife Kate have said very much about this son — and he’s even been missing from family photos and events.

Just this past weekend, though, as you can see above, Jon went Christmas tree shopping with these members of his family.

“Found our tree let the holidays begin!!!!” the former reality TV star captioned a photo that depicyed him and the two kids mentioned previously in front of a grove of trees at Reinhart’s Christmas Tree Farm in Bernville, Pennsylvania.

Jon, Hannah and Collin are with Jon’s longtime girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and her children, Jesse and Jordan Conrad.

They look pretty happy as a group, don’t they?

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, 4th of July

The picture was snapped not long after we learned that Jon actually filed for custody of Collin, a rather gigantic move in both his life and his never-ending battle against his former wife.

Ever since the pair divorced nearly 10 years ago, Jon has shared his sextuplets (Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden) and his twins (Cara and Mady) with Kate.

But he believes it would be in Collin’s best interest to live with him.

According to court documents filed in Pennsylvania at the end of October, Jon wants Collin to move in with him and Hannah upon his release from an inpatient program for kids with special needs.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Go Eagles

In May, Gosselin and Hannah visited Collin and shared birthday cake and pizza together.

Later that same month, Hannah posted a photo collage with Collin and their dad.

“Collin is very intelligent,” a source close to Jon told Us Weekly. “He was always questioning Kate and talking back. Kate doesn’t like that.”

This same source added that Collin is thriving in his program and that Jon is in very close contact with staff members that work there, as he tries to figure out the ideal future for his son.

Who ever would have thought we’d be writing that sentence?!?