90 Day Fiance Feud: Jay Smith Hopes Larissa Dos Santos Lima Gets Deported!

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In the aftermath of Larissa's domestic battery arrest, some of her 90 Day Fiance castmates don't seem to be viewing her in the same light.

Jay Smith has revealed that Larissa has blocked him and blocked Ashley Martson on Instagram.

And Jay has a theory about why she may have done that.

Larissa and Colt and Jay and Ashley

It wasn't so long ago that Larissa, Colt, Jay, and Ashley sat down for a nice dinner along with some former 90 Day Fiance stars.

Now, clearly, these two couples are no longer on such friendly terms.

"Larissa blocked me and Ash," Jay Smith revealed in a stunning Instagram callout.

Jay has a theory for why that might be.

"I guess after seeing us with Ashley’s kids non stop," he begins.

Jay shares his guess: "she couldn’t handle the fact she can’t even take care of hers."

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Roasts Larissa on Instagram

As we reported, Larissa has been exposed as a deadbeat who left her kids behind in multiple homes in Brazil.

"Poor excuse of a woman," Jay continues.

It quickly becomes clear that he's talking about more than just her status as an absentee mother.

"I hope your ass gets deported," Jay expresses.

He concludes that he will be happy to be done "with your domestic violence stupideeee ass!"

Writing stupideeee is a clear reference to Larissa's accent, in which she adds an "ee" at the end of certain words.

That's a little unkind.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Mug Shot

Jay's jab about her domestic violence arrest, however, looks like fair game.

Just weeks ago, Larissa freaked out, locking herself in the bathroom and begging fans for help.

Many believed that she was in danger from Colt at the time.

In fact, the police themselves broke down the door and handcuffed Colt.

When people looked for an arrest record on Colt, however, they found nothing.

Instead, it was discovered that Larissa had been arrested -- for domestic battery.

It was not even her first arrest on that charge -- that one came in June, the same month in which she married Colt.

Jay Sweeps Ashley Off Her Feet

It's not clear that concern over Larissa's arrest was behind the blocking of both Ashley and Jay.

Maybe Larissa was feeling insecure.

Ashley and Jay have celebrated the 11th birthday of her oldest daughter, Roxy, over the weekend.

Though they have avoided showing Ashley's children's faces on social media or on the show, it's clear that she's involved in her children's lives.

Maybe Larissa felt a little stung seeing that.

Or maybe she just interpreted Ashley's celebration as some sort of personal attack against her.

The more than we learn of Larissa, it becomes increasingly apparent that she can manage to take almost anything as a personal insult.

Colt and Larissa, Aquarium Visit

Larissa has not yet directly responded to Jay's post, even though she seems to live on Instagram these days.

But she was asked about whether she gets along with her castmates.

Larissa's answer to a simple question was ... complicated and a little hostile.

"I don’t care about people until they care about me," Larissa begins.

"What it means? I try to live my life and fix my problems," she says.

Larissa continues: "All problems that they have against me are not my problems, are their problems."

"I’m living my life," Larissa affirms.

Jay and Ashley, 90 Day Fiance

Maybe Larissa will fire back in fury.

Or maybe, against all odds, she'll make nice with Ashley and Jay.

We have no idea why she actually blocked them, and we would be curious to hear an explanation from her perspective.

Whatever she says may come as a surprise.

Our best guess is that maybe Ashley or Jay said something to her and she overreacted.

That would fit the pattern of previous reports.

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