Jon Gosselin to Kate: Gimme Full Custody of Collin, You Harpy!

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We really hate to break this to you, but loyal readers deserve to be warned...

... it's about to be on once again betwee Jon and Kate Gosselin.

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The former spouses and TLC co-stars filed for divorce nearly a decade ago, yet continue to be at extreme odds with one another.

In this latest case, tension may even reach an all-time peak because Jon has reportedly filed for full legal and physical custody of son Collin.

According to Pennsylvania court documents seen by Radar Online, Jon and his lawyer filed these papers on October 24, alleging at the time that it would be in the 14-year-old’s best interest to live with his father upon his release from an inpatient center.

Indeed, the whereabouts of Collin Gosselin has been a constant source of debate and speculation among those who have followed this family's journey.

The teenager has been absent from photos and gatherings with his siblings for years now, with neither Jon nor Kate saying much aside from confirming Collin has "special needs."

Collin Gosselin Photo

He has been at some sort of school or facility for awhile now in order to deal with these needs.

Hence why Jon's Instagram followers were so surprised to click over to Gosselin's page this past weekend and see a photo there of Jon, daughter Hannah and... Collin.

"Had a good weekend visit with Collin at home!" Jon wrote as a simple caption to the image, which featured this trio posing outsode of Jon's house in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Check out the sweet picture here:

Collin Gosselin

Way back in 2010, Kate revealed that her son would be attending a program for children with special needs.

In a letter, published in her book I Just Want You to Know, the polarizing reality star explained that Collin was “sweet, kind and helpful” but had behavioral problems.

Thankfully, an insider tells Us Weekly Collin is doing very well at a new facility, where he does not have access to a television.

Hopefully, he does not have access to the Internet, either, and has not been keeping up with the bickering between his parents.

Jon and Kate have been battling over custody of Hannah, who has been spending a great deal of time with her dad of late and even living with him a majority of the time.

As far as we know, however, Kate still has legal custody of this daughter, however.

Jon with Daughter

But Jon has now taken the bold and major step of trying to wrestle Collin away from Kate.

We don't know if he'll succeed, but we assume Collin will continue to reside at his special needs facility either way.

“It was not even really a choice, it was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen,” Kate explained of sending Collin away during a November 2016 episode of ABC’s Nightline.

She added at that time:

“He’s plodding along and we are too. This is the best thing I can do for him right now and that comforts me."

Two Gosselins

We really aren't about to judge either parent for this decision.

We have no idea what Collin is actually going through or what it must be like to figure out the best path for a child in his situation.

As always, we just want to see his mother and father reach some sort of true, not just for Collin's sake -- but the for sake of his seven siblings as well.

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