Ryan Edwards Totally Did NOT Leave Rehab Early! (Says His Mom)

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On Monday, we reported on the surprising news that Ryan Edwards had checked out of rehab.

The report -- initially published by Radar Online -- came as a shock primarily because Ryan checked into a 90-day treatment program in late September.


Which would mean, of course, that he remained in treatment for considerably less time than he was supposed to.

Since Ryan checked out of rehab early once before and relapsed almost immediately, this was taken as a troubling sign.

Fortunately, it seems the reports of Ryan skipping out ahead of schedule for a second time have been greatly exaggerated.

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom OG Picture

The Ashley's Reality Roundup recently spoke with Ryan's mom, Jen Edwards, who assured the site that Ryan is still in rehab and still working hard to get sober for his wife and two children.

“Ryan is not currently home,” Jen told The Ashley.

She added that there's no accuracy to Radar's report that Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, traveled to Alabama to escort him home from treatment on Thanksgiving Day.

Jen and Larry Edwards

“[Mackenzie] left early in the morning on Thanksgiving and missed dinner with her family,” Radar reported on Monday.

“She flew with the baby to get Ryan. They’re home now.”

“[Ryan’s dad] Larry and I were with Mackenzie on Thanksgiving Day,” Jen countered.

She adds that the entire family recently visited Ryan, but not on Thanksgiving.

Ryan Edwards: Not Sober

“We all went to see him but not on Thanksgiving Day,” Jen continued.

“Ryan will be leaving the exact day he is supposed to which is set by the facility,” Ryan's mother informed The Ashley.

“He is not leaving treatment early. Ryan and Mackenzie are in a great place.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Selfie

"They have asked that we not give any other specific information at this time," Jen concluded.

Mackenzie took to social media to confirm that there's no truth behind the rumor of Ryan leaving treatment early.

She highlighted an error in an Us Weekly account of Ryan's exodus as proof of this:

Mackenzie IG

Obviously, such an error doesn't necessarily mean that Ryan is still in treatment, and Mackenzie's relationship with the truth is tenuous at best.

We're inclined to believe her in this case, however, mainly because she has Jen Edwards backing her up.

Interestingly, Mackenzie didn't comment on the other details in the report, most notably the fact that she's currently living with her parents and is fully prepared to divorce Ryan in the event of a relapse.

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Picture

“If he relapses again, [Mackenzie] is going to file for divorce,” Radar‘s source claimed.

“She’s serious. She doesn’t want to continue to be with someone who doesn’t help himself.”

We're guessing Mackenzie would prefer to wait and see what happens in that regard.

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