Courtney Stodden: Doug Hutchison Refuses to Divorce Me!

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In March of 2018, Courtney Stodden filed for divorce from husband Doug Hutchison after six years of marriage and over a year of separation.

Apparently, he still hasn't gotten back to her or filed any kind of response with the court.

Now, Courtney has had to ask a judge to grant her divorce.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison red carpet

According to The Blast, court documents reveal that Courtney Stodden asked the court for a default judgment on her divorce.

Essentially, she filed for divorce back in March, but Doug Hutchison hasn't filed a response.

He also has not appeared in court.

Courtney's request is that, given Doug's apparent refusal to participate, the judge end her marriage.

(She may have been a child bride at 16, but she's an adult with rights -- she doesn't have to stay married forever if she doesn't want to)

Unfortunately, Courtney didn't quite get the answer she hoped for.

Courtney Stodden Drinks Mimosas

The judge refused to grant Courtney's request for a default judgment.

Instead, the court found that she did not provide sufficient evidence that Doug had been served with divorce papers in the first place.

We know that it sounds silly, but requiring proof that people have been served is a good rule to have.

(There are people who make their entire living serving court notices and providing evidence of it)

Most people are not celebrities whose divorces are plastered all over the news.

No one should suddenly find out that what they thought was a trial separation was actually a divorce.

That can have real-world consequences.

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Looking Happy

But Courtney wasn't trying to pull a fast one with her divorce.

(If anything, given that they announced their separation nearly two years ago, she's pulling a slow one)

Therefore, she should have a relatively easy time serving Doug with divorce papers ... again ... and proving that she has done so.

At least, it should be possible once she hires a process server.

The only possible obstacle would be if Doug makes himself impossible to find in order to avoid receiving the papers.

We hope that this is not what happens.

Courtney Stodden with a Stare

On her divorce documents, Courtney listed the date of separation as September 1, 2017.

That would mean that she waited a full six months -- and some change -- before filing for divorce in March of 2018.

On those documents, she cited irreconcilable differences.

And, as we mentioned, she and Doug announced their separation in January of 2017.

Courtney did not request spousal support from Doug, and requested that he not be granted spousal support from her, either.

Courtney Stodden and Dough Hutchison in Beverly Hills

Courtney rose to fame after her controversial marriage to Doug in 2011.

The controversy arose because the Lost actor was 51, but Courtney was only 16.

In 2013, when Courtney was 19, the two of them split for a time, but got back together later that year.

It was only in late 2016, after about six years of marriage, that Courtney and Doug broke up for what would be the final time.

Now, they just have to make it official -- which mean that Doug has some court documents to sign.

Courtney Stodden Thanksgiving Selfie

Courtney hasn't spent her post-Doug time idly.

Last June, she released a haunting music video about rebirth for her song, "For You."

She has a beautiful voice, and released a number of new songs that you can find on iTunes.

We hope that the remainder of Courtney's divorce process can go smoothly.

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