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Sometimes, the most promising relationships just aren’t built to last.

And sometimes, a child bride marries a washed-up actor, and no one is even mildly surprised when they get divorced a few years later.

We’ll give you two guesses as to which description applies to Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison red carpet
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Yes, as you may recall Stodden and Hutchison separated in 2017 after six years of marriage.

The move was expected, but what happened next was not.

Months went by, and neither Doug nor Courtney took the steps necessary to legally end their marriage.

In fact, at least one of them appeared to have second thoughts about ending things, as Stodden begged Hutchison to take her back in a series of heartfelt Instagram posts.

“I need this man back in my life,” she captioned one photo. 

“I need him to come help me. I need him to want our marriage to work. He’s been my only solid rock. Doug, if you read this — this is a public cry for your undying love.”

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It now appears that – as Hutchison predicted at the time – Stodden was experiencing an emotional low point, and her vulnerability ultimately proved to be short-lived.

People magazine is reporting today that Stodden filed for divorce from Hutchison this week after more than a year of separation.

There’s no word on what prompted Courtney to finally pull the trigger after all this time, but earlier this week, she hinted that she was moving forward with her divorce in a cryptic Twitter post:

“Moving out of that #Beverlyhills house already. #drama,” Stodden tweeted.

Fans speculated that she was suggesting that she’d moved into a smaller home in preparation for what could be a costly legal battle.

Now it seems those predictions were accurate.

At this time, it’s unclear if either Stodden or Hutchison has requested spousal support.

While Hutchison is 34 years Stodden’s senior, she was the primary breadwinner during their marriage, which could make her financially vulnerable.

Here’s hoping she doesn’t try to relaunch her singing career to help cover expenses.

We’ll have further updates on this situation as more information becomes available.