Ashley Jacobs: Kathryn Dennis is LYING About Being Sober!

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One woman's redemption arc is another woman's villain origin story -- but is everything as it appears?

Former Southern Charm villain Ashley Jacobs says that she never wanted to be Kathryn Dennis' enemy.

But Ashley also says that Kathryn isn't sober and has never been sober, and that her trip to rehab was a publicity stunt.

Ashley Jacobs on Bravo

Ashley Jacobs took to Instagram to chat with fans ... and she began by sharing that she was asked to return to Southern Charm.

(Others, including Patricia Altschul, have suggested that Ashley was never invited back)

"They wanted me to film with Eliza Limehouse and one other cast member," Ashley claims.

Ashley even furnishes additional details, writing: "They asked us to film while getting our nails done."

"Kathryn and Eliza do not get along," Ashley shares. "So it felt like a setup."

Ashley and Kathryn's feud was a major storyline last season.

Ashley Jacobs exposes Kathryn Dennis on IG 01

"My intent is not to hurt her,” Ashley says.

Contrary to how it has appeared, Ashley writes: “I have no animosity towards her."

You know how sometimes a discussion seems settled, and then someone texts I just think it's funny that ...

That's what Ashley does here.

"But I think it’s wrong to pretend you are sober and to use it as a platform if it’s not true," Ashley writes.

Kathryn Dennis at the Reunion

Ashley explains that she objects to Kathryn's alleged lies because they're an insult to real sober folks.

"There are people that are truly trying to turn their lives around," Ashley says.

She insists that: "It’s not something you lie about."

Ashley, we should probably note, is a registered nurse.

People in the medical profession can be particularly sensitive to what addiction can do to people.

"Considering [Kathryn]was seen at [Vintage Lounge] and several [other] bars on Saturday night drinking… I think it’s pretty clear," Ashley concludes.

Ashley Jacobs exposes Kathryn Dennis on IG 02

Ashley then doubles down on her insistence that Ashley is not and has not been sober.

"She was never sober," Ashley insists. "Rehab was paid for by Bravo.”

“She didn’t complete the program," Ashley claims. "It was a publicity stunt."

"As soon as she came back to Charleston she was seen drinking at Halls, Vintage, Deco, Republic… the list goes on," Ashley reports.

"She doesn’t try to hide it," Ashley adds.

"In Charleston everyone is aware," she says to explain that she's not starting this rumor. "I’m not broadcasting it."

"In Charleston everyone knows," Ashley repeats. "She just hides it well on social media."

Ashley Jacobs exposes Kathryn Dennis on IG 03

Despite having just put Kathryn on blast and accusing her of being a lying hypocrite as well as an addict, Ashley laments that they're not friends.

"The interesting thing is," Ashley points out. "She was painted as the villain for several seasons."

Yep. And then, very notably, Kathryn became a much more chill person.

"I know she understands what I am going through," Ashley says.

"I wish we could have used the common ground as a foundation for a positive relationship," Ashley says.

Ashley Jacobs exposes Kathryn Dennis on IG 04

If Ashley really did hope to become friends with Kathryn, these comments are not the way to do it.

Perhaps she just figures that it's too late anyway.

We have to say that dating Kathryn's ex who is also her baby daddy was probably not the best way to make a good first impression.

Also, no amount of "editing" could make their on-camera interactions last season seem anything but hostile.

We know that Ashley has admitted that she did not respond well to being on a realtiy show.

(We are also fully aware of the way that Thomas would bait her into getting upset, as was pointed out by the other stars)

But ultimately, Ashley chose to have an adversarial relationship with Kathryn.

Kathryn Dennis in a Fancy Hat

As for Ashley's accusation against Kathryn ... we obviously can't vouch for them.

We can confirm that Ashley tested positive for marijuana (who cares) and cocaine (okay that one's not ideal) in her system.

It was because of that drug test that Thomas got custody of their children. Only this summer did Kathryn start fighting back.

While Kathryn has spoken about her sobriety, that word can mean different things to different people.

Some people get sober from hard drugs but continue to use marijuana, often as a medicine.

Others might do the same but continue to drink alcohol, especially socially.

That said, we're not saying that this is what Kathryn is doing.

We're inclined to take Ashley's statements with a grain of salt.

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