Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Pack on the PDA In Racy New Pics

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It turns out that Justin Bieber's plan to work less to spend more time with his wife is already bearing fruit.

Justin and Hailey went on what looks like a yacht and shared a romantic time.

They even shared pictures of their marital PDA. Take a look below:

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

Hailey Baldwin shared two new photos on her Instagram.

Both pics are captioned with "my" followed by a read heart emoji -- meaning my heart or my love.

In the images, the newly married couple is resting side-by-side on what appears to be a yacht.

The first of the two black-and-white photos shows the two cuddling, with Justin's leg thrown over Hailey.

They certainly look cozy and comfortable with each other.

Hailey Baldwin Cuddles with Justin Bieber

We don't know who snapped these pics.

(Photographing your married friends' PDA sounds more than a little awkward)

The second photo, also black-and-white, is a little more zoomed in than the previous two.

In it, Hailey and Justin appear to be kissing.

This very tender moment is one of the very rare photos that Hailey has shared of the two of them.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Make Out

Justin, in case you managed for one blissful moment to forget, has gone and shaved his head for some reason.

On a more positive note, we can't see Justin or Hailey's matching facial tattoos that the two of them reportedly received.

This is not the first time that Justin and Hailey have been up front about their affection.

The world has yet to see any wedding photoshoot that they may have done, but we've certainly seen them kiss before.

In fact, in recent months, the two have seemed to do little else.

That's what it means to be young (or young-ish in his case) and in love.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

Seriously. These two are crazy about each other and they are not shy about PDA.

During a recent trip to London, the two could apparently not keep their hands off of each other, even in front of crowds of fans.

Of course, they've also had public displays of not-so-much happiness.

Hailey has been spotted in tears more than once after apparent disagreements with the Biebs.

(We say apparent because we don't know -- there's always a chance that she was crying at something unrelated to her husband, folks!)

It also appeared that Justin and Hailey were seeking advice or even counseling at the megachurch that they attend.

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

One possible source of tension for these newlyweds has been that, well, the people in their lives had a lot of strong opinions.

Remember, they started dating again this summer, and Justin proposed just a few weeks after they were spotted hanging out together.

They had dated before, to be sure, but it still seemed very sudden.

Hailey's family has not been too secretive about feeling that this is rushed.

Her uncle, Alec Baldwin, said that the two of them had run off to get married, and lamented that they had ignored everyone's advice.

And of course there were conflicting reports about Justin being urged to get Hailey to sign a prenup (or postnup) in order to secure his considerable fortune.

Hailey's famous and genuinely rich, but Justin's a global music phenomenon. A divorce could cost him big time.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in a Hot Tub

Maybe Justin and Hailey chose to share these snaps to assure their fans and followers that things are okay.

Hearing that they're really married for real isn't always enough. Humans are a very visual species.

Alternatively, maybe they were just cute photos and Hailey decided to post them on Instagram without an agenda.

Not everything is as deep as we're naturally inclined to make it.

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