Ashley Jacobs Claims She is "Lucky" to Have Dated Thomas Ravenel

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After Ashley Jacobs made some wild claims about Kathryn Dennis' sobriety, her ex boyriend Thomas Ravenel wrote a menacing message demanding that she hush up.

Despite that, Ashley is now fondly reflecting on her relationship with the disgraced former Southern Charm star.

She claims that the good from their toxic relationship somehow outweighs the bad.

Thomas Ravenel with Ashley

Ashley has now rendered her Instagram private, but we can tell you what her post says.

"For all the crap we went through together this past year, the good really does outweigh the bad,” Ashley writes.

She wrote this post on Friday, November 23. Many people wax nostalgic on Black Friday. 

“You can’t go through stuff like that and pretend like it never happened," Ashley says.

Ashley adds that you can't act "like the person who got you through some of the toughest times of your life means nothing to you now."

Some would disagree with Ashley. Others would not.

Southern Charm Couple

Ashley addresses Thomas specifically as she writes.

"You were my boyfriend during a time in my life when I needed you and you needed me," she says.

"I don’t know how much I believe in the idea of fate," Ashley admits.

"But if it exists," she continues. "I know it brought you and me together for a reason. … "

It would have to be a pretty good reason, if you ask most people.

Ashley says that there may be some greater purpose "even if we weren’t meant to last forever."

Ashley Jacobs with Thomas Ravenel

Ashley continues to gloss over her troubles with Thomas.

"We might not be creating new memories anymore," Ashley says to him.

"But," she writes. "I still treasure the ones we have."

Who can forget the time he was spotted romantically throwing leftover food at her in fury?

Or all of those times he wooed her by needling her, preying upon her insecurities so that she would lash out at and resent his ex, Kathryn?

"And," Ashley says. "I’d do it all again knowing how things turned out in the end."

For our response to that, see this gif:

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

"Thank you for the memories," Ashley writes. "The good and the bad."

And the bad. And the other bad. And the worst.

Ashley thanks him "and I’ll forever cherish them till the day I leave this world."

"I was lucky to have met you, Thomas," Ashley claims.

That is a hell of a thing to write to an accused rapist.

Ashley concludes: "I look forward to being good friends for a long, long time …"

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs: Another Photo

Thomas Ravenel -- not so long after writing and deleting a vicious post aimed at her -- replied to this one.

"Our time together brought much outside pressure," Thomas begins.

He continues: "but what they didn’t see was how I treasured your precious presence."


"I pray you’ll be spared more senseless anger moving forward," he says.

"I wish you good things, Ashley," Thomas writes. "Only good things."

He signs his comment: "Always, Thomas."

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel at Dinner

Despite her behavior on Southern Charm, most fans do not really dislike Ashley.

Instead, particularly after the reunion special, a lot of viewers came to pity her.

It is easy to see how a woman who has never appeared on reality television before might become an anxious wreck during filming.

That, coupled with eating very little, could explain some things.

Thomas' manipulative treatment of her, as observed by the cast and the show's producers, paints a clearer picture of why Ashley acted in the way that she did.

Most of us have made foolish relationship choices. We hope that Ashley can fully escape from hers.

Right now, it seems like she's still trying to cling to the past.

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