Ariana Grande: Pete Davidson is Gone, and So is My Hair!

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Ariana Grande has been having such a moment, hasn't she?

And honestly, it's been really lovely to see.

Ariana Grande is Pensive

Remember a few years ago when she was known by so many as the girl from that Nickelodeon show who licked a donut in that bakery?

She's grown so very much since then, and so has her career.

So has her status as an icon, honestly.

Even if you don't consider yourself a fan of hers, there's no denying she has talent.

Ariana Grande on Ellen

With her signature high ponytail, she's also known for her style.

Yep, Ariana's been rocking that ponytail for years now -- the ponytail, and only the ponytail.

There have been just a few occasions she's gone without it, and it's always been a big deal.

But now, believe it or not, the ponytail is gone.

Ariana's New Hair

Really, truly, forever gone.

As wild as it is to consider, it looks like this girl is just like most of us in that she followed the time-honored tradition of "have a big breakup, get a big haircut."

She was engaged to Pete Davidson, and now she's not.

She's no longer with that waist-length hair, either:

Ariana Grande with Perfume

It looks so good, right?!

She went for the popular "lob" style -- a long bob for you squares -- just like Khloe Kardashian before her.

She's said several times in the past that she's stuck with her ponytail for so long because her hair got heavily damaged by coloring it red repeatedly for Victorious, her old show.

More specifically, she had to bleach it and then dye it red every other week for years, so yeah, the damage must have been real.

Ariana Grande Image

She tried wigs and didn't like how they looked, and she tried to get a weave, but it was too painful for her.

So finally she settled on extensions, but she felt that she needed the ponytail because the part of her hair that was real was so broken "that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down."

It has been almost five years since she said that, so we assume she grew attached to that signature style of hers.

After all, that would have been more than enough time for her real hair to grow out enough that she could cut off the damaged parts.

Ariana Grande: A Picture

But it doesn't really matter anymore, does it?

The ponytail is gone, the extensions are gone, and we are left with this gorgeous, gorgeous look.

And it sounds like Ariana's fans are loving it as much as we are!

"Perfectionnn," one of her followers commented. "Yaassss girl, that hair is amazing."

Ariana Grande Benefit Concert Pic

"Omg you're so beautiful I love it," another fan gushed.

Then, as someone else declared, "God is indeed a woman and her name is Ariana Grande."

Demi Lovato even popped up to call her a "cutie" and leave some heart emojis.

That's the power of Ariana Grande, isn't it?

She can bring so many people together, even people having such huge problems like Demi, to praise her wondrousness.

We can't imagine Pete ever stopped kicking himself after losing her, but now?

Sorry 'bout it, bud.

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