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Last night, the world learned that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau have welcomed a child.

The baby boy is Javi’s second child and Lauren’s first.

The New Parents
Photo via Instagram

As Javi pointed out in a video message to fans, this is an exciting time for the young couple for a number of reasons.

Not only did he just welcome a second son, his firstborn is about to turn 5, and Javi announced this week that he’ll soon enter the world of celebrity boxing.

“So with this boxing fight and the birth of my new son, probably wasn’t a good idea to do it on the same day,” Marroquin said in the video.

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“I have a quick second, so many people texting me and calling me I’ve been ignoring everything.”

On top of all that Javi and Lauren recently bought a house together.

So we think it’s safe to say she’ll be sticking around for a while.

And that may not sit well with Javi’s first baby mama.

What Has Each Said About the Other in the Past?

As we’ve reported before, Lauren and Kailyn Lowry do not get along.

And it doesn’t look as though that will be changing any time soon.

Javi admits that he’s not thrilled with the situation and wishes Kail and Lauren could find some common ground.

But he also says he won’t be forcing the issue:

Javi with Lauren Comeau
Photo via Instagram

“I tell Lauren this all the time, I think we’re just gonna let it flow and let it happen naturally, so whenever we cross paths and they just talk and stop and meet, I mean, we’re not gonna force it,” Javi recently told Us Weekly.

“We’re not gonna set up a dinner date or whatnot," he added.

"We’re gonna see each other at sporting events, like basketball is starting up again in the winter, but we’re just gonna let it happen naturally and when it happens, it happens.”

Kailyn Lowry Announces
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We guess that’s the mature approach to take here.

Now, let’s see if everyone sticks with it.

Asked about the rumors that Kail has a new boyfriend, Javi was similarly non-committal:

“Kail is pretty open with me as far as communication, so if it’s true, I mean I’m sure she’ll tell me soon,” he told Us.

Kailyn Lowry in Cut Offs
Photo via Instagram

“I think I tell this to Kail all the time, you know, she deserves a lot. She’s a very hard worker and it’s a shame that she’s … I don’t want to see her settle, so I tell her all the time, ‘Know your worth and don’t settle for anyone. Your time will come.’

"I just want her to know that you know, she’s special and someone out there will be great for her. I just don’t want her to get caught up with any bad guys and see her cry or any of the stuff like that and that’s really it.”

It’s great that Javi has Kail’s best interests at heart. 

Now if only he felt that way when they were together.