Ariana Grande vs. Pete Davidson: Whose Side Should You Take In This Ugly Breakup?

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From the very beginning, many of us predicted that the Ariana Grande-Pete Davidson romance wouldn't last very long.

But even the most skeptical among us never thought it would flame out this quickly and in such spectacular fashion.

Not only have Pete and Ariana broken up just months after announcing their engagement, it seems they're now venting their frustrations with one another publicly -- Davidson through his comedy, and Grande via indignant tweets.

It's a messy situation that gets more confusing with each new piece of information that comes to light.

But fear not, reformed Grandson 'shippers, your friends at The Hollywood Gossip are here to help you make sense of this increasingly bitter breakup:

1. Downhill Fast

Downhill Fast
Pete and Ariana's relationship went from storybook romance to petty feud faster than you can say "Piggy Smallz."

2. Surprise After Non-Surprise

Surprise After Non-Surprise
The breakup itself didn't come as much of a shock. After all, couples who move as quickly as Pete and Ari tend to favor intensity over longevity.

3. A Bitter Split

A Bitter Split
Fans were caught off-guard, however, when it became clear that Pete and Ariana did not part ways on amicable terms.

4. A Reversal of Opinion

A Reversal of Opinion
Ariana stans who were previously head-over-heels for both Pete Davidson and "pete davidson" (Grande's song paying tribute to her then-boyfriend) now found themselves seething with rage toward the SNL comic.

5. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
At first, Pete and Ariana kept the details of their split on the down-low. Now, however, the truth is out -- and it's unpleasant.

6. Getting Ugly

On a promo for this week's episode of SNL, Davidson made a joke about his short-lived relationship with Grande.

7. Okay, That's Funny ...

Okay, That's Funny ...
Pete asks musical guest Maggie Rogers if she'd like to get married. When Rogers predictably shoots him down, Davidson sighs, "0 for 3."

8. And Completey Expected

And Completey Expected
Pete's a comic who's known for mining the more painful aspects of his personal life for material. So no one should've been surprised when he cracked a harmless joke about his tendency to rush headlong into romantic relationships.

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