Frankie Conti: Just Who is Kendra Wilkinson's New Man?

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Kendra Wilkinson has reportedly found the new d-ck for which she's been searching.

About five months after filing for divorce from Hank Baskett, the former Playmate has reportedly gotten involved with some new guy named Frankie Conti.

He's the first person she's dated since being single again, prompting many fans to ask the following:

Kendra Wilkinson in 2018

Is this relationship serious?

Or is this merely a post-split rebound type of situation?

Conti, according to E! News, a "young marketing manager" who met Wilkinson at a charity golf tournament in July.

The two new lovers allegedly "hit it off immediately," a source tells the aforementioned outlet.

This same source says the So far, the relationship is "very new and casual, but they have been spending time together and going on dates recently."

Instagram followers are wondering just how casual it actually is, however, based on Kendra's caption to the photos above and below.

Posted six days ago, it reads:

Today was a good day. Truly smiled. Hope you all had a good day too. Love you.

The New Kendra Wilkinson

Did she just drop the L Bomb in a message to Conti?

Or is she addressing her supporters with these encouraging and positive words?

Us Weekly, meanwhile, also writes that Kendra is getting it on these days with Conti, quoting an insider of its own who has the following to say about the romance:

“They have been hanging out and spending time with each other. Kendra likes Frank because he is attentive and listens to her. It’s been refreshing to have someone light and fun in her life.”

Taken off his Facebook page, here is a photo of Frankie Conti:

Frankie Conti

Kendra, for her part, has been very open since her divorce.

She's made it clear via a number of social media posts that she's a tad sad and a little bit lost.

"Been trying to take care of myself lately," she told her followers this summer, admitting that her "mental, emotional and physical well being" could all use some assistance.

She also clarified on numerous occasions, though, that her two kids always "come first" and that she's grateful she's been able to spend so much time with them of late.

Kendra Wilkinson is Unimpressed

The 33-year-old Girls Next Door alum split from her husband of nearly nine years earlier this year because the stars were unable to fully repair their relationship after Baskett admitted to an affair back in 2014.

It was an unusual affair.

It involved Baskett getting a hand job from a transgender model he briefly met in a hotel room after he stopped by there to buy some marijuana.

The couple's struggles were featured on multiple seasons of the reality show Kendra On Top and the exes share 8-year-old son Hank IV and 4-year-old daughter Alijah.

The mother of two got candid in August about her post-divorce problems, as documented below.

"Just when I think I'm healed, I start to cry. Sorry I'm not a perfect person. I'm really sorry," she explained on Instagram.

Click around here to see what else she had to say at the time:

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