Leah Messer and Jason Jordan: It's Over!

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So much for those marriage rumors, huh?

Heck, so much for those dinner plans they may have had for this upcoming weekend.

The romance has come to an end for Leah Messer and Jason Jordan.

Jason Jordan Smiles with Leah

The Teen Mom 2 star and her older boyfriend had only been an item for about six months, but they seemed to be pretty darn serious.

Where did things go wrong?

“It just wasn’t working,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They’re just not a good fit.”

Messer and Jordan were introduced by the latter's cousin, who has known Leah for some time.

There was a 14-year age difference between the MTV personality and her new man, but that didn't seem to get in the way.

“Even though he’s older, they have a lot in common,” a different insider told the same tabloid this summer, adding at the time:

“They share the same faith and have gone to church together. They love hiking, cooking and are both very family oriented. He’s very attentive.”

Jason Jordan and Leah Messer

Messer, as readers likely known, has eight-year old twins named Ali and Aleeah. She shares them with ex-husband Corey Simms.

She also has a five-year old daughter named Adalynn who she shares with her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Jordan, meanwhile, has a two-year old of his own from a previous relationship, but the children all got along well, Us Weekly wrote in the past, with Messer's especially taking a liking to Jordan.

We hope this split doesn't make them too sad.

"He’s a good dad,” Messer said of Jason several weeks ago. “He’s an all-around good person.”

Leah and Jason Date Night

This may still be the case, of course.

Jordan may be absolutely perfect.

But the real question is whether he was perfect for Leah -- and the answer appears to be no.

Teen Mom 2 fans will now be left with an obvious follow-up question to this news.

They'll be wondering: What does this mean for Messer and Calvert? Does it open the door to another reconciliation between the exes?!?

Leah Messer Baby Bump Pic?

Leah has made it fairly clear that she isn't interested in getting back together with Calvert, despite the fact that the two totally knocked boots earlier this year.

(That is, Messer and Calvert hooked up.)

Back in the day, Calvert questioned Messer's ability to care for their daughter and accused her of harboring an addiction to prescription painkillers, a claim that she still denies.

However, he called Leah during an episode of Teen Mom 2 several months ago and acknowledged how far she has come as a woman and a mother and said he was really sorry for the way he acted after they broke up.

“I really truthfully, want to, like, deeply apologize for saying that about you,” Jeremy told Leah. “I do really want to thank you for like being a good mom to my kids.”

He even added:

"No matter what, I’m still always going to love you."

Here. Read all about it below:

We're pretty sure Calvert would try again with Messer in an instant.

Does she feel the same way, however?

Stay tuned, folks.

The next season of Teen Mom 2 may need a fresh storyline.

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