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Over the past several weeks, each time we’ve written about Kathryn Dennis, it’s been in relation to Thomas Ravenel.

That’s what happens when you share two kids with the lead of a Bravo reality show…

… and then that lead gets accused of sexual assault by two women.

Kathryn Dennis on Insta
Photo via Instagram

In this case, however, we’re here to talk about the Southern Charm star and a different man from her past.

We don’t know his name.

But we do know that this individual sadly has had a major impact on Dennis’ life.

On Sunday evening, the 27-year old posted both the following image on Instagram and included with it a lengthy message about how she is a surivor of domestic abuse.


Dennis proceeded to tell her story via this social media platform, prefacing the emotional post with a caption that reads:

"This is my past, perfectly put…. worth the read. This is the real aftermath."

The reality star then went into painful detail as follows:

I spend a lot of time thinking about those questions. I never saw myself in these situations and neither did anyone else. I had strong opinions, a sharp mind, and an independent spirit.

But before I knew it, I was left with a broken spirit, mixed opinions, and an anxious and uncertain mind. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Dennis never names her abuser.

She doesn’t get into specifics about the incident or incidents, either.

Instead, she focuses more on the effects this experience has had on her life — and continues to have on her life.

It was the deepest, darkest secret I kept.

And this wasn’t about any particular situation/relationship as much as it was my relationship with men. It ran deep and dark, and I never realized the impact it had on myself and on my self-worth.

In these depths of despair, I couldn’t see a way out of this cycle. It seemed anywhere I turned pushed me further and further away from getting to a safe place physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I looked around and within and realized that my self-worth had been damaged long before I even realized it was possible. This made me really question myself.

Kd Statement

And this is how Dennis concludes:

Was it me? Was this normal behavior, and I was the one in the wrong?

I knew deep down inside that wasn’t the case, but I was stuck in quicksand being guided by those who kept my head above, but my feet locked in.

Powerful stuff, no?

Tragically, there are millions of women out there who can relate to most everything Dennis describes here.

She went on to share a handful of memes, such as the ones below:

Dennis Meme

Kathryn’s revelation about her past trauma with domestic violence comes just weeks after her ex-boyfriend, Ravenel, was arrested for second degree assault and battery.

The ex-Bravo personality was taken into custody on charges related to sexual assault claims made by his former nanny, Dawn, who cared for his and Kathryn’s two kids, Kensington, 4, and Saint Julien, 2, years ago.

Ugly stuff all around.

Very unfortunately for Dennis, it sounds like she may have more challenging times ahead as a result.