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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation did not kick off on Thursday night by playing the theme music from Jaws.

But it might as well have.

When we last left off these drinking buddies, they were preparing for the arrival of Jen Harley, who Ronnie invited to hang out despite the fact that she had (allegedly) just dragged him down the road from a car.

stunned ronnie

(NOTE: This episode was filmed months ago, prior to the latest assault accusations against Harley.)

Moreover, the last time Harley was part of the group, she (allegedly) got physical with Ronnie and got thrown out of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

So, as you might expect, tension was running a bit high for her arrival in Jersey.

The stars were out to dinner when she got to Atlantic City.

After she delivered a few casual side hugs to everyone at the table, there was a whole lot of awkward silence untill JWOWW broke it hilariously by uttering:

"Your mug shot — you look hot!"

We’re not sure if we agree (see below), but the ice-breaking line worked and dinner commenced without incident.

Jen Harley Mug Shot
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Following the meal, the team got all ready to watch DJ Pauly D do his thing.

They were all staying at Harrah’s, but a Caesars Group hotel rep showed up and asked to speak to both Ronnie and Jen.

As it turns out, the latter was banned from all Caesars Group properties due to her actions in Sin City, but she was permitted to remain on the premises after she and Ronnie convinced the rep everything would remain calm.

"We’ve been going through anger management and therapy on our own," Jen said.

With J H

Ronnie told his pals that the issue had to do with Jen forgetting her ID, although no one believes him.

But whatever. It was off to the club to have some fun!

And for the real drama to begin.

While enjoying Pauly D’s performance, the group was dancing and laughing and drinking and having such a great time that they almost forgot how dysfunctional Ronnie and Jen could be.

Correction: How dysfunctional they always are.

Jen got wasted, Ronnie told her to stop drinking and then the following exchange occurred:

No Shot For You

And, with that, Jen was gone.

Elsewhere on the episode, Angelina Pivarnick opened up to JWoww, Deena Cortese and The Situations’s fiancee, Lauren, at brunch.

The topic? Her abusive upbringing.

"My dad and me — we’re like — we’re decent," Angelina said, adding in detail:

"My childhood was not easy. Our parents didn’t have a good relationship. My father was a cheater. He was an abusive father. He was never a father to me growing up as a kid.

"He met my mother in court because my father was always in and out of jail.

"When I was born, my father was in jail. He only had me because it was gonna give him a lesser jail sentence, so he was like, ‘Oh, lemme have a daughter with a woman that I don’t even love.’"

At Brunch

Wow, huh?

Heavy, heavy stuff.

Lauren attempted to suggest that perhaps this was simply Angelina’s "perspective" on the situation, but Angelina maintained that’s "exactly" what her father told her.

"Hearing from Angelina her daddy issues is heartbreaking ’cause it makes sense as to why she’s very codependent," JWOWW told cameras. "I feel really bad for how I treated Angelina and for how I judged her."

So while one relationship took another turn for the crazy and dangerous, at least another one was maybe salvaged this week.

We’ll leave you on that positive note.