Bristol Palin to Farrah Abraham: You're a Bad Parent and Role Model!

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Farrah Abraham has been replaced on Teen Mom OG, and to absolutely no one's surprise, she is not taking it well.

Bristol Palin has shot down the claim that she secretly wants to be just like Farrah.

Now, she's doubling down on that, and dragging Farrah as a mother, a role model, and a human being.

Bristol Arrives

Appearing on Teen Mom: After The Show, Bristol Palin is affirming that she has no special love for Afarrah Abraham.

"No," she says. "There’s nothing about me that wants to be anything like her."

"And," Bristol continues. "I would never want my girls to look up to someone like that."

"So girlfriend," she says in an exaggerated manner before snapping in a Z-formation, giving us flashbacks to well over a decade ago.

Bristol can't keep up the overly dramatic act, and says: "I'm just joking!"

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

She's clearly not joking about her feelings regardling Farrah, however, because she recently told Jenny McCarthy something similar.

"It’s just like, 'Oh, she’s trying to be me,'" Bristol said.

Farrah has accused both Bristol and Cheyenne of trying and failing to be her.

"It’s like, girlfriend," Bristol said. "You could not pay me to want to be anything like you. Honestly."

"So no," Bristol said. "I’m not trying to be like her."

Bristol Palin on Season 8

Farrah trashed her Teen Mom replacements, saying that either they themselves are stupid or the decision to cast them was -- or both.

"There’s no intelligence there," Farrah said, presumably while looking into a mirror.

"And," Farrah continued. "I actually feel like the Teen Mom fans deserve to have better people fill my position."

She wasn't working as a store clerk -- she was part of a reality show, so that's awkward phrasing.

Also, fill my position sounds like a euphemism when Farrah says it.

Farrah Abraham Gives an Interview

"And," Farrah said. "They deserve to have better quality."

She also believes that not only are Bristol and Cheyenne inadequate, but they're not even being paid as well as she was.

"Last I heard," Farrah claims. "They said they couldn’t [have] been paid enough to be like me."

"But yet, they are paid," Farrah says. "They’re filling my spot."

Farrah may bitterly hate Teen Mom, but it sounds like the show is an ex that she just can't stand to see move on to someone else.

Bristol Palin Looks Unhappy

Bristol isn't exactly anyone's favorite person. She's been accused of being a racist and a homophobe.

It doesn't help that her mother is the absolutely infamous Sarah Palin.

Trying to out-awful Bristol is a tall order, but Farrah always seems to come across looking like an absolute maniac when the two of them feud.

On her own, Bristol may hold some truly terrible political views and bear the curse of her last name.

But when you put her beside Farrah, she looks calm and reasonable by comparison.

Farrah might not mean to, but she's doing Bristol, Teen Mom OG, and MTV a huge favor by going on these rants.

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