Chris Brown: I Still Wanna Bang Rihanna!

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So many years have passed since Chris Brown savagely beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna that many people may have lost sight of the severity of his crimes.

Some might even be tempted to give the singer a pass under the impression that he's "learned his lesson" or "changed his ways."

Loving FUBU

Don't give in to that way of thinking.

Not only does Brown not deserve a second chance, he's proven repeatedly over the years that he has no intention of even trying to reform.

He remains -- proudly -- the same abusive, misogynistic egomaniac he's always been.

Chris Brown Dances on Stage

But because fame is one of the most potent drugs on the planet, and it's hard to think ill of yourself when you're constantly surrounded by yes men, Chris seems to genuinely believe he's done nothing wrong.

Because his most egregious crimes occurred during a time in which assaults by powerful men were quickly swept under the rug, his career has survived, and he emerged from the Rihanna scandal virtually unscathed.

As evidence that Breezy hasn't changed in the slightest, insiders now claim Chris is fixated on the idea of reconciling with his most famous ex.

Chris Brown Sings and Sucks

“Chris cannot get over Rihanna, even after all these years,” a source close to the singer tells Hollywood Life.

“Despite the long time since they have been together, and the many tears they have both cried over their relationship, Chris still thinks about Rihanna all the time.”

The insider goes on to say that RiRi has become the subject of a 24-hour obsession for Brown. Sounds healthy.

Rihanna in Pink

“In the mornings, sometimes Chris likes to look at her Instagram account and in the evenings he thinks about her when he can’t fall asleep at night," says the source.

“He thinks Rihanna keeps looking sexier — and better with age — which makes it impossible for him to get over her,” the insider adds.

“He still fantasizes that one day they might get back together again and have a happy ending. Chris really is heartbroken over Rihanna and the memories of her prevent him from moving on with someone new.”

Rihanna at 2018 Grammys

This certainly isn't the first time that rumors about Chris and Rihanna getting back together have made their way across the social media landscape.

Thankfully, thus far, they've all turned out to be bogus (or at least Brown's attempts yielded no results).

Still, every time new reports begin to circulate, we cringe with the knowledge that it's entirely possible Rihanna might one day decide to give Chris another shot.

If 2018 has taught us anything, it's that nightmares come true every day.

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