Teen Mom OG Premiere Recap: Welcome to the Dysfunctional Family!

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They are officially on board.

Teen Mom OG kicked off Season 8 on Monday, October 1 with an intense 90-minute episode that introduced a pair of new faces to the franchse:

  1. Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
  2. Cheyenne Floyd, a former cast member on MTV's The Challenge who has a daughter with another Season 8 addition, Cory Wharton.

What were this pair up to on the opening installment?

We learned just how complicated of a relationship Floyd and Wharton find themselves in, while we also got a pretty good idea of why Bristol and Dakota Meyer recent filed for divorce.

Scroll down for a recap of all the events from an interesting and emotional Season 8 premiere...

1. Her Life Isn't Perfect

Her Life Isn't Perfect
This was a message Bristol said she wanted to send, although it's not clear why anyone would think that a 27-year woman with three kids by two men - with a famously polarizing mother - would be living a perfect life. Regardless, the premiere gave us a look look at the difficulties in her marriage.

2. Yup, It's Sarah Palin

Yup, It's Sarah Palin
We're just saying. The woman who came close to being the second most powerful person on Earth made a cameo early in the premiere.

3. Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart
While Bristol and Meyer live together in Austin, Bristol was off in Arizona with her mom celebrating her sister Piper's bachelorette party to opem the premiere, while Dakota took the kids to see his parents in Kentucky. Palin told the camera that her husband's PTSD has been "hard on our marriage."

4. PTSD?

Yes. Meyer received the Medal of Honor after 2009's Battle of Ganjgal, where he witnessed the deaths of his entire team. He's been battling those demons and scars ever since.

5. What are Things Like for This Veteran?

What are Things Like for This Veteran?
Speaking with his dad and the show's producers, Meyer talked about joining the Marines. "When I joined, it was 110% that you will be going to war soon," he said on air. "Joining, I could have never knew what I was getting into. You can say, 'Yeah, I'm ready to get shot at,' but you're talking at a 17 year old kid."

6. More from Dakota:

More from Dakota:
"We got in a big gunfight and everybody with me is dead," he continued. "When I first came home, train wreck is not even, that's an understatement. Anxiety got me real bad." Meyer added that his children are the "reason I get up every day," saying they "add to the quality of life, they're everything."

7. Certainly Fair Enough, But...

Certainly Fair Enough, But...
Back in Austin together, Bristol acknowledged in a confessional that things were off: "I can tell something is bothering Dakota, he seems quiet and agitated.

8. Meyer Opens Up

Meyer Opens Up
"My anxiety has been going nuts, it's been crushing me, I've been having nightmares," Meyer explained to his wife. "I've tried to tell you over and over and asked you for help a thousand times. All you want to do is tell me all the things that are wrong with me and all the things I do wrong when I have anxiety."

9. I Keep "Seeing My Dead Guys Every Morning When I Wake Up"

I Keep "Seeing My Dead Guys Every Morning When I Wake Up"
Intense stuff here from Meyer, but Bristol only said in return: "It's hard for me to have compassion in these situations because you keep pulling the rug from underneath me." She even questioned whether "this is his service" to blame "or this is just him being a dick." That comment really annoyed Meyer. It set him off.

10. Look, Bristol!

Look, Bristol!
"End of the day, I watched my whole f-cking team die on September 8, 2009. There's not one day I don't wake up and I don't see those guys, listening to them screaming on the radios," he said. "I gotta sit here and listen to her saying its a f-cking excuse? I don't know what's PTSD or what's not?"

11. How Did Things End for the Couple on the Premiere?

How Did Things End for the Couple on the Premiere?
Not well. "I don’t want to raise my kids to think that this is what a marriage looks like," Bristol said at one point, while Meyer accused Palin of telling a marriage counselor that sometimes, when he can't sleep at night, she'll "just lay in bed and wait for him to blow his f--king head off." She said that was a false narrative, adding she didn't say it "like that." He calls BS on her and stormed out.

12. Wow, Right?

Wow, Right?
ELSEWHERE on the Season 8 opener, Maci was unhappy when her husband, Taylor McKinney revealed that Ryan Edwards (Maci’s ex and Bentley’s father) had called him and crossed a serious line after Taylor tweeted about him.

13. Explained Taylor of the Situation:

Explained Taylor of the Situation:
“Apparently he didn’t like my tweet. So he called me in a fit of rage, screaming, losing his mind and tells me he’s gonna show up over here and put a bullet in my head,” Taylor told his wife. “Gonna come shoot up the house that not only our children live in, but his son. It’s pretty serious.”

14. The Best Compromise They Could Think Of:

The Best Compromise They Could Think Of:
The couple ended up calling the cops, heading to court and getting a protection order against Ryan. It covered the whole family for two years, except Bentley. This way, Ryan will still be able to see his son.

15. Tyler in Tears

Tyler in Tears
As for Catelynn and Tyler? The former spent time in therapy, leaving her husband to raise their daughter, Novalee -- Tyler admitted that his frustrations were growing as a result, especially when Catelynn would phone and tell him she wasn’t even attending to her classes.

16. "I Feel Totally Sucked Dry."

"I Feel Totally Sucked Dry."
This is what Tyler told his mother, adding: "It’s hard not to become bitter" and revealing that he used to watch Catelynn lay on the sofa in her bathrobe for days. When his mom asked if it was depressing to see, he said, much to our shock: “No it’s not depressing, it’s repulsing.”

17. "I Just Need Change."

"I Just Need Change."
This was another line from Tyler, which was uttered back when divorce rumors followed the couple around everywhere. (But now, in real time, they are happy and expecting a baby!)

18. Amber and Andrew Had No Such Concerns

Amber and Andrew Had No Such Concerns
Their drama was in the past when we reconnected with this couple, who were facing a very different sort of challenge: a new baby! Portwood delivered son James just as the premiere got underway.

19. Nothing is Wrong Here!

Nothing is Wrong Here!
Not yet, at least. Amber said she was also in a great place with her ex Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina, who even brought over a pillow with James’ birthday on it as a present. Leah, Amber’s 9-year-old daughter with Gary, was pretty psyched to meet little James.

20. What About Chyenne?

What About Chyenne?
Floyd and Wharton only slept together once, according to Cory, but it produced a daughter named Ryder. (Cheyenne didn't learn her child's paternity until Ryder was six months only and only told Cory about her then.)

21. Are Things Awkward Between Them?

Are Things Awkward Between Them?
A little. Cory is single and Cheyenne is dating Zach, who lives with her, which causes problems with Cory because it means another man gets to act like a dad to his kid on a daily basis.

22. The Compromise:

The Compromise:
As a result, the ex-lovers set up a plan: Cory would have Ryder Friday through Monday, and Chyenne would keep Ryder Monday through Thursday.

23. This is Ryder

This is Ryder
Just figured you'd wanna see a photo of the adorable infant.

24. But Might There Be Some Chance for a Romantic Future?

But Might There Be Some Chance for a Romantic Future?
Cory thinks so. He told his friend that Cheyenne wants a family and believes if he wanted to be with Cheyenne... she would break up with Zach in a second, explaining: “She doesn’t want me and Zach to hang out – there’s a reason for that. It’s because she still has feelings for me, and she doesn’t know how to cope with that.”

25. Where is All This Headed?

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9/8c. Check out the preview above for a look at scenes to come!

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