Farrah Abraham Flaunts Ridiculous Amount of Side-Boob, Continues to Pretend She's Training For Boxing Match

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Have you heard the exciting news about Farrah Abraham?

No, we're not talking about the fact that she was arrested for drunkenly assaulting the staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Farrah Abraham Gives an Interview

And no, we're not talking about the fact that Farrah is training for a boxing match against one of the women who shamed her family by competing to have sex with Flavor freakin' Flav on national television.

We're talking about the latest video that Farrah posted on Instagram.

Now, you're gonna see some things you've seen before in this video -- namely, an almost-naked Farrah Abraham.

But you're also gonna see some things that may cause you to question everything you thought you knew about biology, physics, and the very nature of reality.

We're talking, of course, about Farrah's side-boob.

You may be thinking to yourself, Farrah's boobs are just like every other part of her body. I've seen them more times than I care to count!

That may be true (especially if your search history looks like ours), but for some reason, the latest glimpse at Farrah's surgically-enhanced breasts has even the most jaded fans doing a double take.

Perhaps it's the fact that most of the time we see Farrah's boobs, they're not in motion.

Farrah Abraham at 2018 VMAs

Or maybe it's the fact that Farrah has been boasting non-stop about the results she's gotten from all her recent "training" and implying that her physique is all natural.

Whatever the case, this video has been scrutinized by fans more than any Farrah footage since Backdoor Teen Mom.

"They don't even bounce!" wrote one medical expert.

"Your surgeon gave u that body not god and it's not that great," commented another follower.

Farrah Abraham Kim Kardashian Photo

"Surgery got you that body. Training hasn't given you any results yet," remarked a third.

"You haven't been doing it long enough and you don't have any muscle definition. Why you tryna to preach to ppl who know what they're talking about?"

Of course, Farrah had her defenders, too:

"There is so much body shaming going on! It’s hard enough for most women to love their body and themselves and then you have women who are shaming others!" remarked one fan.

Farrah Abraham Photoshop Fail

"Great way in helping empower others!!! SMH!" the commenter added.

"You know she may of had procedures but that’s on her, so what! That her life and her body!

Far be it for us to back Farrah, but we're in full agreement with this comment.

Besides, there are so many valid reasons to make fun of Farrah Abraham that it just seems lazy to resort to easy boob jokes.

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