Farrah Abraham: Headed to Jail For Assault, Resisting Arrest?!

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When Farrah Abraham got arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel last month, it initially looked as though she might walk away from the situation scot-free.

Though she remained in jail for more than 24 hours awaiting bail, prosecutors took their sweet time deciding whether or not she should be charged for allegedly assaulting a staff member at the hotel.

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Well, good news for all you Farrah-haters out there:

Not only have the powers that be determined Ms. Abraham should go before a judge for the attack, they've also decided to charge her with resisting arrest!

This, according to TMZ, who reports that if she's convicted on both charges, Farrah could face up to 18 months in prison.

There was a time when we'd say there's no way someone with Farrah's wealth, connections, and whiteness would ever go to jail over a pair of misdemeanors, but there are several factors that lead us to believe she might actually wind up doing time.

For starters, there's the egregious nature of her offense.

Farrah Abraham Fired

Farrah didn't justice resist arrest, she told the cops to "f-ck off," repeatedly and in front of a video camera.

To make matters worse, Farrah's 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, was in the hotel at the time of the incident.

Granted, she was upstairs asleep, but still.

Getting completely hammered and assaulting someone who was probably just trying to do his job while your young daughter is asleep under the same roof is ... not a good look.

And while there was a time when pretty much every celebrity carried a wallet full of "get out of jail free" cards, those days are long gone.

In fact, Farrah's years as a reality star might actually work to her disadvantage.

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A decade of abusive and often violent behavior has been documented by camera crews and can now be viewed by a sentencing judge as a sort of impartial character witness.

And since Farrah was recently fired by MTV, she no longer enjoys the sort of personal wealth that might allow her to assemble an OJ-esque legal dream team.

That doesn't mean Farrah is poor, of course -- or remotely worried about her situation.

In fact, this week saw the launch of Farrah's first app, which promises subscribers such perks as (non-porn) "exclusive" videos and the opportunity to follow Farrah on her own in-app social media network.

The venture probably won't make her much money, but it serves as a reminder that Farrah is so delusional she would never consider the possibility that she's not actually above the law.

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