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As you’re no doubt aware, celebrities play the game of life by a different set of rules than the rest of us.

Behavior that wouldn’t fly for a hot second in the world of plebes is not only condoned but celebrated when it’s perpetrated by an actor with a role in a corporate film franchise or one of the few recording artists that can still sell out a stadium.

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But if the #MeToo movement has taught us anything, it’s that even for the rich and powerful, there comes a time when society draws a line in the sand.

Which is why the whole world is looking at Drake right now with a collective "bruh, WTF are you doing?" expression.

As you may have heard, the rapper maintains a close friendship with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

Brown opened up about her close relationship with the 31-year-old rapper at the 2018 Emmys last week, and we imagine every single viewers’ face simultaneously contorted into a perfect replica of the "yikes" emoji. 

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To be clear, Millie is in no way at fault here.

We imagine most 14-year-olds would leap at the chance to befriend one of their favorite recording artists.

It’s Drake — and to a slightly lesser extent, Millie’s parents — who are deserving of the hard side-eye here.

In order to understand how creepy this is, you need only to strip Drizzy of his celebrity status and re-examine the situation as though he were just Some Dude.

Drake at Film Festival

If you knew nothing about Drake other than the fact that he’s a 31-year-old man who’s in the habit of routinely texting a 14-year-old girl and telling her how much he misses her, whatever shred of sympathy you might have had for the rap world’s answer to Humbert Humbert would likely go right out the window.

Like most celebrities, he gets a pass on certain actions that would get him rightly shunned from civilian society.

Fortunately, in 2018, powerful men no longer get away with every kind of questionable behavior.

We’re not saying Drake is as bad as the worst of the #MeToo offenders, but his image as the non-threatening nice guy of the hip hop world has taken quite a few hits in recent months.

Millie Bobby Brown

As you may recall, the summer of 2018 began with the revelation that Drake has a secret son, with whom he’s barely had any contact.

Drake attempted a lame explanation as to why he’s been hiding his son from the world (he was actually hiding the world from his son, the rapper explained, in full earnest-Drizzy mode), but for the most part, the public wasn’t buying his victim routine.

Shortly thereafter, we learned that Drake was dating an 18-year-old fan and aspiring model.

Again, not illegal — but not the sort of thing that inspires much faith in the man’s character.

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Now, we have Drake’s relationship with Millie.

Again, it’s possible that the rapper entered this situation with the best of intentions, but to say he’s handling it poorly at this point would be to massively understate the awkwardness of how this is all playing out.

On social media, Brown has attempted to diffuse the situation (see above), while Drake has kept mum, thus leaving her to twist in the wind.

We can only hope dude is quietly extricating himself from the situation and gently explaining to Millie his reasons for doing so.

You’ve had a very rough year, Drizzy — time to start earning some redemption.