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Let’s get one thing straight, right up front:

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra just want a happy and healthy baby.

The veteran Teen Mom stars, who announced they were expecting a child yesterday, will be content with a newborn of any type.

Catelynn Lowell Maternity Photo
Photo via Instagram

But Catelynn opened up to Us Weekly in the wake of her pregnancy announcement and admitted that she does have a gender preference.

So does her husband.

There’s no reason to pretend otherwise.

“I think we both want a boy for sure, but also we have Nova,” Lowell explained, referring to the tandem’s three-year-old daughter and adding;

“So it’s, like, if we’re just meant to have girls, we’re meant to have girls.”

The couple also had a girl about nine years ago.

She was named Carly and she was given up for adoption because Catelynn and Tyler didn’t feel ready to be parents.

Catelynn Lowell Pregnant Pic
Photo via Instagram

"It’s like Tyler just makes girls. The guys make the gender," Catelynn adding, making an accurate reference to science.

Lowell actually shared a photo of her sonogram with the aforementioned tabloid.

She said she got "an early blood test called Sneak Peek," but "I did it too early… at 10 weeks … and I guess you’re supposed to wait a little longer than 10 weeks.”

A little while from now, at her upcoming upcoming 4-D ultrasound appointment, Catelynn hopes to find out the sex of her child.

How exciting!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, 2018 Selfie
Photo via Instagram

The impending little human will be what is known as a "rainbow" baby because it follows a miscarriage.

Both Catelynn and Tyler opened up this past February about suffering such a giant loss just a few weeks earlier, with Catelynn even entering rehab as a result to deal with bouts of depression.

The couple likely would have tried for another baby at some point, but Catelynn admits that wasn’t the plan when she found out she was expecting a few weeks ago.

“It was a huge shock at first,” she says. “We were not planning it, especially after the miscarriage and how I went downhill with my mental illness.”

We’ve admired for a long time how candid Catelynn has been with this struggle.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell at the VMAs
Photo via Getty

Tyler was taken aback by the pregnancy at first, but he’s now fully embraced the situation.

“He’s obviously just as happy as I am,” Lowell told Us Weekly. “We love being parents and can’t wait for our newest addition.”

Lowell’s fellow Teen Moms have not yet commented on the pregnancy or sent notes of congratulations.

But we’re here to say that we’re so very happy for Catelynn and Tyler.

They’ve been through more than most famous twosomes, yet they’ve never lost sight of their love for each other and have vowed throughout even the lowest of times to stick by each other’s side.

Good for them.

We wish Catelynn the best in her pregnancy.