Meghan Markle: Why She May Actually Be Pregnant This Time

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We interrupt our coverage of Meghan Markle feuding with members of her real family to provide an update on Meghan Markle's hypothetical future family.


Allow us to explain...

Meghan Markle in Blue Dress

The first part of that introduction needs no explanation, right?

Markle's father, Thomas, and half-sister, Samantha, have spent the past several weeks trashing the Duchess of Sussex in every conceivable manner.

It's grown so bad that Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly considering some extreme measures in order to get Thomas and Samantha to shut the heck up.

So that sums up Markle's terrible relatives.

But what about her impending relatives?

That is, what about all the chatter that Markle is either pregnant or about to be pregnant or anything of that nature?

The public is beyond anxious to learn when Meghan and Harry will procreate, despite the fact that the Royal Beauties only got married this past May.

A Ride Through Town

Now, however, we have some concrete information that may give us an idea of what Markle and Harry have planned.

We're not talking about some supermarket tabloid report here about Markle and Kate Middleton both being pregnant and expecting on the same day or anything.

Instead, we're talking about how the attractive newlyweds are preparing to move into their new home at Windsor Castle - and at least one renovation has folks thinking that a baby is on the way.

Actually, that two babies are on the way.

Why is this now a safe assumption to make?

Royal Newlyweds Together

Because part of the work being done on Adelaide Cottage involves a pair of nurseries being set up.

Does this mean Markle is expecting twins?

Or simply that she and Harry plan on having two kids?

Or merely that the size of the home only really allows two nurseries to be built right now?

We can't answer these questions for certain at the moment.

Rest assured, however, that we'll continue to ask them until a pregnancy announcement is made!

Royal Bride and Groom

Says a source to Celebrity Insider:

Harry and Meghan both feel Adelaide Cottage is the perfect place for them to raise a family together.

"But given that they’re rushing to make room for a baby, palace insiders are whispering that they could be expecting already!”

See! We're not the only ones constantly refreshing our browsers for confirmation and hoping to hear the exciting news from Meghan and Harry at some point soon.

Prince Harry has already sai that he “would love to be a dad,” while Markle admitted that it was her “dream to start a family.”

There's no doubt that the stars will eventually become parents.

The only question now is... when?!?

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