Kim Kardashian: FURIOUS That Kanye Wants to Bang Her Sisters!

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Remember how Kanye West was exactly gross enough to express his desire to bang all four of his sisters-in-law?

A lot of people were grossed out by his lecherous confession.

Reportedly, one of those people was Kim Kardashian herself, who is outright disgusted.

Kimye Marriage Pic

Kanye's new song, "XTCY," 

"You got sick thoughts? I got more of ’em," Kanye's lyrics read. "You got a sister-in-law you would smash? I got four of them."

He's singing that he wants to bone Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.

"You did something unholy to them pictures, damn, you need to be locked up," Kanye's lyrics continue. "Nah, we need a bigger hot tub"

It sounds like he's implying that he moved past guilt over perhaps masturbating to photographs of his in-laws, and has instead decided to try to seduce them.

Kanye West as a Guest

RadarOnline reports that Kim Kardashian is big mad at Kanye over his creepy lyrics about her sisters.

According to their insider, Kim is "furious" with her husband for pulling a stunt like this.

The source says that "Kim was livid" when she first heard his outrageous lyrics.

And it sounds like this caught her totally off guard.

"He did not run the lyrics by any of them before he dropped the song," the insider reveals.

Kimye, Ready to Kiss

Kim wasn't the only one who felt, as the kids would say, squicked.

"It really grossed them all out," the source reveals.

There's a difference between knowing that you're hot and hearing a member of your family confess that he wants to bang you.

The insider shares that: "The whole family was shocked that he would sexualize them like that."

The Kardashians have built their brand upon their bodies, but that is supposed to stop when it comes to members of their family.

Kanye West Tweets About Emma Gonzalez

We know that this will totally shock you to hear about the dude who thinks that slavery is black people's fault, but Kanye doesn't get what all of the fuss is about.

Kanye feels, the insider explains, that this was "all in good fun."

We're sure that Kanye, who is wealthy and even beloved enough to avoid consequences for nonsense that would leave someone else alone and friendless, thinks that a lot of what he says is just fun.

He thinks this because it's fun for him.

And it's not clear how much Kanye understands that other people have lives and thoughts and feelings that don't concern him.

Kimye Selfie Time

We will say that we're surprised -- perhaps even incredulous -- to hear that Kanye didn't run this by anyone.

In 2016, Kim released those shadily edited clips of Taylor Swift on the phone with Kanye. At the time, Kanye had been running his lyrics by Taylor.

(That's a whole other can of worms -- or snakes)

It's difficult to imagine that he wouldn't do the same with his own family.

Then again, Kanye has said a lot of dumb stuff in recent months. Some wonder if he's just spiraling and is determined to act out until even is extremely loyal wife can't stand him anymore.

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