Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton: Pregnant? Due on the Same Day?!

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We recently discussed the report that Meghan Markle is expecting a boy and a girl -- fraternal twins -- with Prince Harry.

As if that weren't enough, there is also a report that Kate Middleton is already pregnant with her fourth royal baby.

A new report confirms them both ...

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton! Together!

... and says that Kate and Meghan may end up giving birth on the same day. Holy mother of ... we don't even know.

For royal watchers, this could be a truly epic day, and a new In Touch cover gleefully announces it to the world.

"They're both pregnant!" the cover proclaims.

The cover goes on to proclaim that both Kate and Meghan are not just expecting, but "due the same day!"

Meghan Markle at Wimbledon

That would be a real game-changer, though, as we all know, due dates are more of an educated guess.

"A girl for Kate," the headline continues, before adding the ultimate kicker: "And twins for Meghan!"

In Touch's report continues with further details.

"Meghan," the celebrity gossip magazing explains, "Conceived just a few weeks after Kate."

Kate Middleton with a Smile

And apparently this has forged a closer knit between the respective Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex.

"Kate and Meghan bonded over the men they married," they reveal. "Now they’re bonding over being pregnant together."

Certainly another thing they have in common.

It wasn't so long ago that the two were rumored to be royally feuding, but this report says that "That’s all water under the bridge now."

In Touch offers a few more details ...

Meghan Markle: A Pretty Picture

"Meghan," they allege, "Wants to give birth in the U.S."

Some people are more comfortable giving birth at home. Especially when that means that their child will also be an American citizen.

The repot says that, because Meghan's "due date is around the same time as Kate’s," there's a very real possibility that "they could give birth the same day!"

"While the pregnancies are the subject of plenty of palace buzz," the report confides. "The duchesses have only shared their news with a small group of friends and family."

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle Split - Happy

That all sounds so exciting. But, as Gossip Cop points out, there are some apparent holes in the story.

First of all, In Touch says that the "palace confirms." Kensington Palace has done no such thing.

Second of all, do they have the same due date or are their due dates merely close to each other?

We know that due dates can sometimes be given as a range, but ... it sounds like the story isn't entirely straight.

Kate Middleton Gushes Over Louis

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Meghan and Harry were recently spotted on a lunch date in Dublin.

The two shared some beer with lunch.

That might be standard in the British Isles, but it's definitely not something that anyone should do when pregnant.

And yet, the world has just seen photos of Prince Louis's Christening. Kate's youngest looks so precious and cute.

Kate, William and the Kids

Kate herself looks so radiant ... that it's easy to understand why people are eager for another royal baby.

(Or three.)

But there is no indication that Kate or Meghan are pregnant.

Remember, Kate has extremely bad morning sickness ... which is how we were able to predict her pregnancy last year a couple of weeks before it was announced.

And Meghan, as we mentioned, was washing down her lunch with Guiness.

Reports like these are always tempting because they can be exciting, but let's keep a cool head and wait for news that we can verify.

We just got the latest royal baby a couple of months ago. Let's all just bask in the greatness of that moment for now, shall we?

We can be patient.

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