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Considering just about everything she posts online results in some seriously virulent mom-shaming, it’s amazing that Jessa Duggar hasn’t just deleted her Instagram account.

But in defiance of the haters, Jessa continues to post regular updates on her life as a stay-at-home mom of two boys.

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And fans continue to love her for it.

Yes, Jessa is roasted for her "bad parenting" on an almost-daily basis, but she also receives a good deal of praise from fans who are enamored with her approach to child-rearing.

Generally speaking, the positive far outweighs the negative in Jessa’s comments sections.

But if she’s anything like most social media users, Jessa likely finds herself dwelling on the bad much more than she celebrates the good.

Still, she soldiers on, and continues to post pics that she must know are certain to draw criticism.

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The image above certainly seems innocent enough, and it quickly racked up more than 70,000 likes.

"Henry on the weekend," Jessa captioned the pic, along with a laughing emoji.

As usual, most of the comments consisted of gushing commentary on the cuteness of Jessa’s kids.

But as always, a handful of haters felt the need to rain on her parade.

"I thought electronics for kids were a no no," commented one follower.

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"Quick, take the cellphone away before he gets hooked," wrote another.

And it wasn’t just concerns about Henry enjoying too much screen time.

Others complained about his appearance, accusing Jessa of photographing her son in an unkempt state.

Fortunately, Mrs. Seewald didn’t need to confront the critics herself.

She has an army of loyal supporters for that:

"And cue all the mommy-shaming," remarked one fan.

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"His hair isn’t brushed, he’s not dressed, playing on a phone or tablet isn’t interaction or the type of interaction a baby needs…blah, blah, blah."

"People please! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing! Why do ppl have to be so Ugly!" commented another.

Of course, since the vast majority of comments were positive, the army of Jessa defenders looks sort of silly here.

As far as we can tell, there’s a group of people who wait for the negative comments to appear just so they can court Jessa’s favor by refuting them.

In a way, they’re just as weird as the people who compulsively complain about her parenting.

It’s a photo of a toddler, folks.

Appreciate the adorableness and move on.