Jessa Duggar Shares the CUTEST New Pics of Baby (Old Man) Henry!

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Proud parent Jessa Duggar has shared some new pictures of her newborn son, and man, that little Henry is a (Wilber)force of cuteness.

Nonsensical attempts at wordplay side, Jessa and Ben Seewald's second child is definitely one of the cuter celebrity babies around.

Jessa with Ben Seewald Pic

You know how people say "oh, he (or she) is beautiful" or "adorable" or "precious" or "perfect" when they comment on a baby picture?

Most of the time they're just being polite, let's be real here.

This isn't to say all babies aren't beautiful, because they are. In terms of what they represent to a family, there is nothing more beautiful. 

Purely from a superficial standpoint, though, most newborns are not at their cutest (fast forward to age three and it's a different story).

All of that being said, this is our roundabout way of saying that Jessa and Ben's son Henry is darn cute as not-even-two-month-olds go.

Two months going on 65 years. Look at his old man face!!

Henry Seewald Baby Pic

If you didn't have baby fever before ... you're welcome.

We challenge you not to smile just looking at that little grin ... grimace ... smirk ... half-asleep grogginess ... or whatever you'd call this.

That's sort of the beauty of it. We'll never know what a baby that small is thinking exactly, but it's fun to speculate and adore him all the same.

Those cheeks, though. Part baby and part adorable, grumpy old man, he's already showing signs that he's going to have a strong personality.

Maybe that's a reach. He was born in 2017, after all.

It may be too soon to tell what little Henry Wilberforce Seewald will be like as a grown man for real, but there's no denying this fact:

Jessa and Ben make cute ones.

Henry Wilberforce Baby Photo

“My [heart emoji] is full,” the mom of two and sibling of 18 said earlier this year, shortly after she officially became a mom of two.

As the Seewald household grows, so do their hearts. It's a feeling all parents out there can relate to, even as their kids grow up.

While Spurge, who was born just 16 months ago, didn’t initially know exactly what to make of his brother, he's taking to it well.

“We thought, ‘This is going to be so adorable,’ but he wasn’t really sure about it,” the 24-year-old Jessa said, adding amusingly:

“He thought Henry was a toy."

As we said, that little doll is practically cute enough to pass for one, so we can see where Spurgeon might've come up with that.

Ben, Jessa and Spurgeon

As for how mom and dad are holding up?

"I take one. He takes the other," Jessa said earlier this yeaer, while Ben, who's a big time Arkansas sports fan, used a sports metaphor.

"Right now we have two kids and two of us, so it's man-to-man coverage. When we have more, we'll have to switch it up to a zone defense!"

For them, it's a matter of when, not if. They've spoken of adopting as well, so we're putting the over/under on total Seewald kids at +/- 9.5.

We know, they're in their peak fertility years and well be on their way to matching Michelle if they got some twins or triplets here and there.

At some point, though, Ben Seewald's net worth has to emerge as a consideration. Look for them to end up in the high single digits.

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