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Colton Underwood does not know what it’s like to feel the warm, naked embrace of a woman.

As proudly admitted during his run this past season on The Bachelorette, Underwood is a virgin.

But while Underwood has never thrusted his unit into the precious depths of a companion, he has spent a lot of time with Garrett Yrigoyen.

Colton Underwood with a Pen
Photo via ABC

So… what does Underwood think of the man who beat him out for Becca’s affection?

Who is now engaged to Kufrin?

Who many viewers have been disgusted by since it was discovered that Garrett Liked a bunch of intolerant and offensive memes that were anti-immigrant and anti-the LGBT community?

Colton, who seems almost too nice to be real, told The New York Post last week that he actually has no beef with Garrett whatsoever.

“In regards to who Garrett is, and I’m not defending his likes whatsoever, a lot of them were wrong, but that’s not who Garrett is, that does not define Garrett, and it should not overshadow their relationship," Underwood said, adding of The Bachelorette and her fiance:

"This is a time when they should be celebrating their engagement and being happy.”

Colton Underwood Tells All
Photo via ABC

Nearly everyone is in agreement that what Yrigoyen supported on social media was pretty messed up.

To the Season 14 champion’s credit, however, Garrett never made any excuses for his actions.

He issued a mea culpa and, along with Kufrin, simply urged folks to keep an open mind.

“He’s owned it, he’s apologized for it, he’s made his statement. I think people need to realize that,” Underwood continued to Page Six, adding:

“It’s a mistake, you live and you learn, and Garrett has definitely learned from this.”

Like we said: Underwood is almost too nice to be a real person.

Gifted a Rose
Photo via ABC

Or, conversely, if one wanted to be cynical, one could say that Underwood is simply positioning himself to be the next Bachelor.

Being kind is sort of his brand at this point and he may be thinking that the longer he rides it, the better chance he has of being selected by ABC.

Producers have admitted that Underwood is one of six men in contention for this coveted gig.

However, before it can even be a possibility, Colton must complete his ongoing run on Bachelor in Paradise.

“Coming off [The Bachelorette], I realized how cool and fun of an experience that was," Colton says to Page Six of agreeing to be on this new program

"It was such a good time of my life to self-discover and grow as a person, and I wanted to continue that and to continue to find love."

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

We really do hope that Colton finds what, or who, he is looking for.