Justin Bieber: Hailey Baldwin Was Always The One ... Not Selena Gomez!!

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It's been over a month since Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin. That was when the two hotties, who had until very recently been exes, became engaged.

Though reports have said that Justin and Hailey are already making wedding plans, a new report says that these two aren't racing towards the altar.

But we do have a ballpark estimate of when they are likely to get married.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

Sources close to Justin Bieber tell TMZ a few illuminating facts about the Biebs and his relationship with fiancee Hailey Baldwin.

First and foremost, even though these two had barely started dating against before Justin popped the question, that doesn't mean that they're racing towards the altar.

The insider tells TMZ that they're not planning on actually tying the knot until 2019.

The insider says that this isn't an issue of them being unsure about their upcoming nuptials.

TMZ compares the delay to how Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth might never get married, because they feel like the engagement is enough.

Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Her Tan Lines

Sources also told them that this thing between Justin and Hailey was allegedly more intense than the public realizes.

"Justin's been in love with her for a long time," an insider tells TMZ.

"So," the source explains. "This didn't just come from out of the blue."

In fact, TMZ has been told that Justin and Hailey have reunited ... and then broken up again ... multiple times without the knowledge of fans.

We believe that.

Justin Bieber, Fiancee

Of course, sources also tell TMZ that the public is totally wrong in their belief that the Biebs was fixated on Selena Gomez for all of this time.

These insiders close to Justin are claiming that Justin's really had his heart set on Hailey, not Selena, for the past few years.

Hollywood Life looked at this and asked the question that's on the mind of many fans after reading this: did Justin hook up with Hailey while he was with Selena?

It's difficult to picture Hailey being a part of that.

But it sounds like, at the very least, Justin was allegedly pining after Hailey during his months-long reunion with Selena.

Justin Bieber Likes Noodles

Now, all of this is very sweet and makes it sound like Hailey was always Justin's first choice and like Selena was, at best, some sort of distraction.

But ... while we absolutely believe that some very reliable sources close to the Biebs made these claims, are they true?

Or are they just what Justin wants the world to believe?

Call us conspiracy theorists, but we cannot help but wonder if maybe Justin is deliberately pushing this narrative in the hope that it reassures Hailey that she's not just a runner-up.

At the very least, he might be trying to convince his fans that he's not another Arie Luyendyk Jr. and that Hailey was always his true love.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in a Hot Tub

That said ... a lot of people can and do convince themselves that the person to whom they propose is the only person they've ever really loved.

The term cognitive dissonance gets misused more often than it gets used properly, but it's a real psychological phenomenon.

In certain cases, it really can lead people to believe new things based upon their most recent words and actions.

So if Justin is telling his close buddies that he's always believed that Hailey's the girl for him, he may very well believe it ...

Selena Gomez in Bikini

... despite his lengthy, obviously intense, and also very recent history with Selena Gomez.

Moreover, many fans have noted that Justin seduced Hailey just like how he seduced Selena.

And it of course did not go unnoticed that he only reconnected with Hailey after Selena broke things off.

But regardless of all of that, it's comforting to hear that Justin and Hailey aren't racing to the altar.

They made the commitment, so who are we to judge? Next year sounds like a fine time for them to tie the knot ...

... Assuming that they last that long.

Some of us, after all, are betting that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson last longer.

But only time will tell.

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