Chelsea Houska Shares New Maternity Photos, is the Actual Best

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Pregnant Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is marking the final days of her third pregnancy with some stunning new maternity photos.

We don't throw the word "stunning" around lightly, but let's be real: Chelsea's latest maternity shots certainly earn that designation.

Chelsea DeBoer Pic

The Housk gave photo credit to Kate Jones and baby credit to husband Cole DeBoer on Instagram when sharing the above image.

You know, because she took the breathtaking photos of her, and he put the baby in there. Well done, both of you. Good work.

Naturally, because it's Chelsea, the responses were much more positive than you'd normally see on the Internet these days.

Especially for a cast member of Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea DeBoer Pregnant

“I so wish I would have done a pretty maternity shoot when I was pregnant,” one woman wrote, in the ultimate compliment.

“I always [thought] that it was corny," the Houska fan added, "but @ChelseaHouska has changed my mind. STUNNING.”

Chelsea is changing lives, people.

In all seriousness, Houska actually agreed, responding to that tweet by revealing that she had similar thoughts about this process.

She writes: “I’ve never done them either, definitely out of my comfort zone! But the photographer talked me into it and I’m SO glad I did!” 

Chelsea Houska Maternity Pic

It's hard to argue that the pride of South Dakota makes pregnancy look maternal and sexy, which is not the easiest thing to pull off.

Good lighting helps, but still.

It's even harder to argue that Chelsea has defied the odds by settling in to a very happy, drama-free and quiet life these days.

With the exception of the dark cloud that is Adam Lind hanging over her as he always will to some degree, she's on cloud nine.

As her dad, Randy, says, she flies so far under the radar that MTV forgets she exists. Maybe not quite, but you get his point.

Classic Chelsea

For a show focused on drama - on and off the air - this is no easy feat, especially in today's 24-hour news and social media enviroment.

We've now reached the point where producers are accused of enabling or encouraging feuds, as Chelsea and Kailyn Lowry alleged.

The fact that Chelsea and Cole continue to share their lives with TV viewers, yet maintain their boundaries and stability, is impressive.

We'd argue she's the real MVP of the show.

Houska, of course, shares a daughter, Aubree, with Lind. She recently welcomed Aubree's little brother, Watson Cole DeBoer.

With the arrival of her third baby next month, her precious family is ready to become even cuter, if that's humanly possible.

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