Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Becca is Back!!!

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The Colton and Tia Show continued on ABC on Monday night.

By which we mean Bachelor in Paradise, of course, but early installments of Season 5 have focused heavily on television's most famous virgin and the woman he briefly dated a long time ago.

Becca in Paradise

Early on this week, Chris, Nick and Jordan confronted Colton Underwood after he came back from his date with Tia.

Was he really open to a renewed romance with his quasi ex?

Yes, Colton told the fellas, but he was also still exploring other bikini-clad options while he pondered this possibility. Underwood just wanted to "figure things out," he said for the 972nd time.

Colton also noted that he couldn’t simply turn his feelings for Tia back on after being in love with Becca Kufrin and pursuing her for two months.

See, these are the challenges that face the men who go straight from The Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise. It isn't easy, folks.

Tia and Colton

Fast forward a short bit and Tia got irritated with Colton when she realized he was flirting with Angela, concerned he was just keeping her on the side for whenever he felt giving her attention.

Afraid she'd end up like Dean and Kristina, Tia stood up for herself to Underwood.

Playing all innocent and trying to be honest, Colton told Tia he intended to talk to other women...  but he didn’t know what he wanted.

(This is sort of the entire point of the series, right?)

However, Tia wanted for Colton to be jealous of her smooch with Chris -- and when he didn't really seem to care, she said she had enough.

She refused to stay in the situation because she knew she deserved something wonderful, something Colton was not providing.

Colton Confessional

So... did Colton survive the night?

He didn't get Tia's rose and he struggled with Angela, but then Bibiana swooped in and saved the hunky football player.

The next day, Becca paid the women a visit.

She was on hand to offer them advice, but her presence caused Colton to break down in tears, forced to relive the heartbreak that resulted from her elimination of him a few months prior.

Seeing Becca brought back all these difficult memories, as the episode concluded with Kufrin making her way over to the man she sent packing on The Bachelorette.

Colton Underwood Shirtless

Elsewhere this week...

- Kenny took Krystal on a wrestling date, despite the fact that she’d swapped spin with Kevin the evening before.

- Kenny then got in the ring and showed off some impressive moves, and the two later connected over their experiences on two-on-one dates.

- Back at the beach, Kevin grew tired of having concerns over his relationship with Krystal. He therefore decided to pursue other women.

- He and Astrid hit it off in an unexpected matter and before we knew it... they were kissing and holding hands!

- David warned Annaliese about Jordan, which made her anxious, yet her nerves were calmed a bit when Jordan arranged a romantic dinner on the beach for the two of them.

- They made out and she gave him her rose later in response.

- John and Kendall also kissed this week, but the latter actually gave Joe her rose, while Angela handed hers to John.

- Finally, Nick failed to win Chelsea over and our beloved Wills went home roseless.

Can ABC just go ahead and make him The Bachelor already?!?

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