The Bachelorette Recap: Man, Chris Sucks So Much!

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Becca Kufrin finally lost it this week on The Bachelorette.

Did she read a few write-ups on the Internet about how she's sort of boring and this season is a snooze? Maybe.

But it's more that a couple men on the episode pissed Becca off to such a degree that she reacted by making an unprecedented decision...

Bachelorette in Thought

Let's start with the worst of them all: Chris.

He went into the group dead determined to make up for his behavior last week... only to get into an argument with Lincoln before the outing even got underway.

These suitors went at it over who would prevail on a two-on-one date, followed by Chris threatening Lincoln and accusing his foe of body-shaming him.

The two children men then actually debated each other at the Virginia capitol, as ABC gave them an actual platform to be all immature and combative.

Chris said Lincoln was all nasty, aggressive and offensive and added that Becca would be disgusted if she saw the guy he was when she wasn’t around.

Et tu, Lincoln?

Chris Makes a Speech

At the after-party, Lincoln told Becca that he felt threatened by Chris and claimed Connor as well.

Chris - who was adamant he had done nothing wrong and was angry he kept having to defend himself - denied being emotionally abusive or physically threatening, yet Becca was irritated by the while situation and had to take some time to herself before she could speak to any of the other men.

She thought she was on this show to play footsie with potential husbands, not play mediator between petty self-cented douche canoes.

Later in the episode, a cocky Chris went to Becca’s hotel room, prepared to basically reboot their relationship.

The Bachelorette, though, was disturbed by how Chris had acted, not to mention the negative things she had heard about him.

As a result, she decided to send him home before the rose ceremony, labeling Chris a “very angry person” and explaining that he wasn’t the kind of guy with whom she wanted to spend her life.

And Chris responded with calm and understanding, right?

Nope: he proved Becca's point by storming out and barely saying goodbye.

Becca Sits and Chills


Becca got very personal with Jason, telling him about her dad's death during their one-on-one date after he told her about his grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

Turns out, Becca’s father got sick when she was 14.

The doctors told him that he only had six months to live, but he managed to hold on for another five years.

Becca opened way up about watching her father take his last breath, and she felt like Jason could relate to how this experience made her appreciate her relationships in general, along with life itself.

Not surprisingly, Becca gave Jason a rose and noted that she could see herself ending up with him... FOREVER.

Meanwhile, Becca struggled to move past the events of the group date during her one-on-one date with Leo.

She just couldn't push out of her mind how Chris and Lincoln had ruined everything with their rivalry.

However, once she talked to Leo about how she was feeling, the two had a decent time together.

With family also on his mind, Leo explained to Becca how he never felt good enough because he thought he let his father down, but she gave him a reason to keep his head raised high for at least another week, giving him a rose.

Still, in the end, Becca was too stressed out from the group date to even host a cocktail party.

She made the unusual choice to cancel this event -- and then sent Lincoln and Connor packing during the rose ceremony.

Can you blame her?

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And click below to watch The Bachelorette online if want to relive what happened last night:

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