The Bachelorette Recap: What Happened in Vegas Did Not Stay There

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The Bachelorette put a twist on an old saying this week.

What happened in Vegas between Becca Kufrin and her suitors did not stay in Vegas, after all.

It was broadcast to an entire country! And you don't need The Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that it. Got. Dramatic.

Becca Kufrin in Black

The highlight of the latest installment was most definitely the three-way date between Becca, David and Jordan, the latter two of whom saw their ongoing feud come to a loud, ugly and immature head.

This annoying pairing headed to a state park aptly called Valley of Fire with Becca, and as various Bachelorette spoilers predicted, their beef boiled over.

David started talking smack about Jordan nearly as soon as the opening credits rolled.

He told the show's star that Jordan was vocal about his interest in women (other women, of course) around the Las Vegas casinos and that the model thought he'd be settling if he endedup with Becca.

Jordan, of course, denied these accusations, going so far as to call David "worse than Arie," the Bachelor who shattered her heart into a million pieces a few months ago.

Becca is with Chris R.

Still, this alleged “settling” remark triggered Kufrin due to previous entanglement in the Arie Luyendyk Jr.-Lauren Burnham love triangle that ended with those two engaged...

... and Becca stuck as The Bachelorette, dealing with losers such as Jordan and David.

With these suitors continuing to go at it, Becca said she felt like she was “back in sixth grade" and she sent David home, explaining that Jordan was at least attempting to be open and honest.

As their now-one-on-one date continued, though, the only things he could talk about were himself, modeling and how Zoolander was "extremely accurate."

Therefore, Becca sent Jordan home, too, prompting celebration from the other men.

Good riddance to those two... and hello to Wayne Newton!

Bachelorette Men

The legendary singer crashed Becca’s group date to help the suitors  write their own romantic lyrics to the tune of “Danke Schoen.”

Most of them bombed, of course, but Chris’ performance sort of impressed the audience and Becca.

He was confident and laidback during the afterparty, biding his time to talk to The Bachelorette herself, acting pretty much the total opposite of Jordan.

Elsewhere, Blake told Becca he was falling in love with her -- and Becca echoed his sentiments to the camera. 

So when Becca gave Blake the rose, Chris ended up “shook," to use his expression.

Becca Kufrin and a Rose

Chris figured he was obviously being sent home and threatened to pack his bags and leave immediately, telling viewers that Becca would be making a big mistake if she let him go.

In other words, he no longer wanted to do the damn thing with her, not after this misguided slight.

At the cocktail party, Chris tried to steal time with Becca while she was talking to Wills... much to the latter's disdain. This led to another spat between suitors.

Eventually, Becca sought out Chris for more one-on-one time later, where he assured her that he wanted to be there. He was just frustrated when he made his earlier comments.

Convinced pretty easily by him, Becca gave Chris a rose and told John to go home instead.

We were surprised by this decision.

Finally, Colton and Becca went on a camel safari during their one-on-one date, talking openly about that silly Tia drama and what the concept of love meant to each of them.

Colton didn’t believe in saying this word lightly.

But then he went ahead and said the following in a subsequent confessional:

“I can confidently say I’m falling in love with Becca.”

Of course he is. It's been, like, a whole five weeks after all.

Kufrin felt she and Colton were on the same page, although she didn't drop any L Bombs, so she gave him a rose.

What will this mean going forward? All we can do is wait and stay tuned.

What else transpired on the episode? Click above to watch The Bachelorette online for this answer!

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