Noah Brown Drags Sister For No Reason, Does Not Know What "Preteen" Means

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As Ami Brown's cancer battle resumes, Alaskan Bush People fans and her family worry for her health but hope for the best.

Noah Brown has his own priorities -- he's about to get married.

So why, fans wonder, did he write a lengthy post slamming Rain Brown, his 15-year-old sister?

Rain Brown and Noah Brown in Alaska

"My birthday is the 18th of July and it really has been making me think a lot about everything," Noah wrote on Instagram.

He is in a contemplative mood, which is fine. 

"I am turning 26 and the following month I am getting married to the girl of my dreams," Noah continues. "Rhain Merrill (soon to be Rhain Brown)"

Noah writes: "We will soon be our own Family, and although there are trials and tribulations and a tone of stress I could not be happier with the way my adult life is turning out."

Feeling hyped about marriage is also fine.

"I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my adulthood and reminiscing of childhood."

Reminiscing is fine. What's not fine is what he has to say about his youngest sibling.

"Like a kid would say I am a 'grown-up,'" Noah says. "And I cannot help but admire my littlest sister Kathryn Raindrop’s youthful innocence of a pre-teen."

Rain Brown in Yellow

Obviously, Rain is not a preteen. She's 15, dude. But that's just the tip of the awkward iceberg.

"When you are a child like little Raindrop, you do not have to think about what you are going to eat for dinner or worry about paying bills," Noah writes.

That's a super condescending way to talk about his sister.

Noah explains: "because your parents do everything for you and you cannot yet take care of yourself."

That's arguably true, but then it gets worse.

"Young Raindrop spends her days cuddling Bunnies and playing with her dolls not knowing about the stressful lives of the adults around her," Noah claims.

That is quite the characterization.

Rain Brown Works Hard

"Oh the metabolism of a pre-teen like little Raindrop," Noah says. "She can eat whatever she wants and never gain a pound, she just stays her tiny self (that I am envious of)."

Pro-tip for being on the internet: unless you are her doctor, please don't talk about any 15-year-old girl's body. Uh, especially your sister's.

Also, for the record, Rain Brown exercises to keep her figure. She's not just coasting on her metabolism.

"I am an adult now I am getting married in 46 days and my parents do not make my dinner or give me a place to live," Noah says.

While having a place to live is nice, it would be weirder if Noah's parents were making him dinner. Even if he lived with them, which he does not.

"I am the head of my own household," Noah says, which is also creepy. "And the family that Rhain and I are starting will look to me for advice and guidance."

Noah Brown and Rhain at the Zoo

"My first priority will now always be my new family and my loyalty is to my soon to be wife and my future children," Noah writes.

See, talking about being a responsible parent is great! He should have gone right to that and skipped the weird stuff about metabolisms and preteens.

"it is my job to take care of my new family and it will be an honor to do my best for them," Noah says.

Good for him.

"I am unbelievably ecstatic with where I am in my life," Noah says. "But Rainy girl stay small and please do not rush to grow up enjoy your childhood as long as you can."

She's in her adolescence, not childhood. Again, she is a minor and people should respect that, but she's not a little kid. Don't talk down to her like she's 8.

"The world will wait for you," Noah advises. "Just take your time and have fun, because being a kid is just as important as becoming an adult."

"As the saying goes," Noah concludes. ":You will grow up sooner then you think."

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha

We don't know what spurned this aside from his looming wedding date.

Perhaps Rain was talking about a crush -- Rain has spoken about love before, which is very age-appropriate.

(Some would say that your teens are the only age when it's appropriate to be gushing vaguely online about an unnamed crush)

Did Noah hear some of this, or perhaps some of her frustrations at her limited freedoms as a teen, and panic at his little sister growing up?

Or was this an attempt to make himself sound more mature than he actually is as his wedding date looms ahead?

Either way, Rain is fifteen. She is a teenager. If you're 11 or 12, you're a preteen. If you're 13 through 19, you're a teenager. Words mean things, my dude.

Rain Brown, Nope

Noah's words, apparently throwing Rain under the bus to make himself sound more grown up, are a far cry from his word of warning last December.

"Some people feel the need to try and say mean, insulting, and down right hateful things to a 15 year old girl that is opening up to everyone in such a difficult time just to make them feel better about themselves," Noah lamented late last year.

Rain has become her family's de facto spokesperson because of her frequent social media use, but it has exposed her to some real creeps.

"So if you do not like it, then do not follow it, if you do not want see it, then do not look at it, if you do not want to hear it, then do not listen," Noah says.

Noah instructed: "If you have nothing nice to say, then do not say anything at all."

That's good advice in general, if not always. But please don't harass minors on the internet. Be nice. Be an adult.

Noah Brown

"Recently," Noah's December post continued. "My little sister Rainy has gotten discouraged because of some things that some mean people have said."

People love to target the most vulnerable people on social media just to elicit a reaction and feel powerful.

"So if you like Rainy’s Instagram then let’s show her just how many people enjoy when she posts," Noah asks. "So please everyone flood her message box with kind and generous words of encouragement."

Words of encouragement, fun fact, are the opposite of infantalizing your sister to make yourself sound more wizened.

Noah concluded: "And let’s show her that there are more people that love her then there are that are dislike her."

Good advice. We wish that Noah would follow it.

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