Rain Brown: Does She Have a New Boyfriend (or Girlfriend)?

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Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown is a delight on screen and on social media.

For a while now, the 15-year-old has acted as her family's unofficial spokesperson. But her latest post has nothing to do with her family's show -- in fact, it's very personal.

Has Rain Brown found her first love?

Rain Brown, Dreamy-Eyed

Rain shared this happy post on Instagram, and wrote her revealing caption:

"Sometimes all it takes is one special person and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so bad anymore."

Rain followed those words with a tasteful black heart emoji.

Alaskan Bush People fans took to the comment to express ... mixed responses.

But plenty were excited to see Rain appear to have found love.

Rain Brown, Cold in Colorado

One fan wrote in some unsolicited advice.

"Oh Rainy!!! So happy for you!!! First loves are the BEST. Just remember, ENJOY IT, take your time with it, embrace the experience. FUN FUN FUN ALSO!!!"

Another chimed in with more cautionary words.

"If it is your first love be careful and cautious because they can in the long run hurt the most"

Rain is 15, and a lot of people remember heartache from that age.

"Rainy, don't get too serious about one person yet. You're so very young and life has many places to go in it. There's many people to meet yet."

Rain Brown, Nope

Then, however, the subject of Rain's gay rumors came up.

First, a commenter responded to what appears to be news of Rain being in love, writing:

"Sounds like rain found a boyfriend!"

Another pointed out that her vague, alleged love interest needn't be a boy.

"Or a girlfriend."

To be clear, while rumors aren't appropriate, reminding someone that girls exist is not the same as rumor-mongering.

One of the very first comment that Rain received on this post was a very blunt question that is seldom appropriate.

"Are you gay?"

This is much more confrontational and hardly appropriate in any circumstances, least of all when it's directed at a 15-year-old.

For the record, Rain is a big believer in equality but says that she's straight. Please be nice to her.

Rain Brown, Gabe Brown, Raquell Rose

Rain is accustomed to playing third wheel, but perhaps it will soon be another sibling's turn to feel left out by her romantic adventures?

However, some of the commenters were less interested in Rain's romantic life.

One person decided that Rain only showing one eye in her photo was a secret sign that she's part of a worldwide conspiracy.

"Illuminati sellout. One eye symbol. POS.. you're just like the rest of them rain."

We wish that we could be sure that this person was joking. There really are people who believe that the Illuminati are real. The internet is wild.

Another person had a very different yet nonetheless interesting comment:

"I’m so happy that you can recognize this already. It’s amazing the impact one single person can make on someone’s life with one brief glance, conversation or action."

That started off normal, but keep reading:

"Sometimes I wonder if some of those 'people' I’ve encountered were actually guardian angels (messengers) sent by God or just regular people guided by divine intervention. In many parts of my life there is no other explanation for it and I feel undeservedly blessed."

That one, at least, was very positive and affirming. Having beliefs like that is fine, but it's odd that this person chose to share them with Rain like that.

Rain Brown Haircut

Rain was super vague and she hasn't followed up that caption with specifics.

But she's talked about crushes in the past, and not just about her crush on Once Upon A Time actor Colin O'Donoghue

She'd made vague posts in the past:

"And you sir, you're very attractive. Therefore, I will stare at you."

She's spoken about crushes.

"You stare, you dream, but you never have the courage to do anything about it, anyone can have a crush on anyone, in fact, it's so common that it's a cliche."

Rain Brown and a Deer Sculptrue

She's even talked about how past crushes have shaped her life.

"I told him (through text heehee) that I liked him. He was very sweet and understanding and it turned out that that scary monster of a crush actually made me who I am today."

Each of her Instagram followers has seen the effects of that particular crush.

"He was the reason I found quotes and because of it I wanted to help others who had gone through what I had, the moral of the story is to never be afraid and that it's never too late to face your fears."

Does Rain have a boyfriend (or girlfriend)? We sure don't know. This may just be another crush who might have no idea.

But she is 15 and that's her business. She'll share that information with fans and followers if and when she's ready.

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