Farrah Abraham: Losing Custody of Sophia to Her Own Mother?!

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Farrah Abraham is not a good mother.

It's not even really a matter of opinion at this point.

Farrah and Sophia at the MTV Movie Awards

Odds are that you're extrememly familar with many of her questionable parenting choices, but if not -- and even if you are, really, because don't act like you're too good to check out this train wreck -- let's review some real quick.

Remember earlier this year when she revealed that she and her nine-year-old daughter Sophia take nude photos of each other and save them on their phones?

Or how about the time, also earlier this year, when she got butt injections and had Sophia film the whole thing on her phone?

Or hey, how about that time that she thought it was a good idea to advertise her porn on the kid's Twitter account?

Farrah's spoiled her child with hundreds of dollars, cash, from the tooth fairy, she tried waxing her brows when she was a toddler, she's left her for months at a time to do reality shows or perform in strip clubs or even to just do whatever.

After all, this is the girl who, when discussing how she wasn't seeing her kid that much, actually said the words "It's healthy that we have a braek. She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine."

Farrah Abraham Red Hair

Sophia was four years old at the time.

On top of all of that, it's become increasingly obvious that Farrah just has no idea to how raise a child, and she's also never had any interest in learning.

That became clear when she made the decision to homeschool Sophia so that she could work on her child modeling career and galavant around the world with Mommy Dearest.

There have also been some disturbing moments that Farrah just never dealt with, like when Sophia started telling her that she wanted to die so she could see her late father, Derek Underwood, in heaven.

Or on last season of Teen Mom OG, when they were at a restaurant with Farrah's mother, Debra Danielsen, and Sophia started growling and punching herself.

There's just an overwhelming amount of evidence that Farrah is the worst mother.

Sophia and Farrah Abraham

But you know who probably wouldn't be any better?

Good ol' Debra herself.

Still, in a new interview with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Deb actually tries to make the case that Sophia would be better off in her care.

"I would go after Sophia in a heartbeat to save her and make her happy, she says. "Sophia loves me no matter what brainwashing other people do to her."

"That harms her and you shouldn't use a child as a battleground."

She's referring to the falling out that she and Farrah had over her new husband, Dr. David -- the whole family went on vacation together last year, and it sincerely did not go well.

Since then, Farrah has said that as long as David is in the picture, she won't have a relationship with her mother, and Sophia has said the same.

Debra Danielsen on Instagram

And regardless of whether or not Farrah is coaching Sophia to hate David or if she really doesn't like the guy, it seems like they kept their promise.

In the interview, Debra says that "I think that if people are harming children by separating them from the people they love, the people who have been there for them, then we ought to allow our courts to get in there and save that child."

"In the United States of America, we do not protect children or children's rights."

She explains that "When you separate a child from the main caregiver, the sole caregiver, that's their security, that's their mental stability and suddenly you plunge them into a different environment and say bad things about these people, that's not helping."

"That's not good for anybody," she adds. "I don't condone that. I don't care if it's a divorce. I don't care if it's grandparents. I don't care if it's anybody. That's not good for the child."

Was Debra Sophia's main caregiver before all of this? It's definitely possible.

Farrah's always done a lot of traveling, but Sophia has just recently begun going everywhere with her, so it makes sense that she'd have stayed with her grandmother in years past.

Debra Danielsen is sad

Debra seems to confirm that when she says "I just think that Sophia is doing a lot of traveling and through different time zones."

"She needs some stability and children need a place to call home and some stabilization and I think Sophia would really benefit from that."

But as intensely as she feels about all of this, it sounds like she'll only try to go for custody as a last resort -- what she wants most of all is for Farrah to just get it together.

"I just love Farrah," she says, "and I support her and I hope that she comes around and i want her and Sophia in my life."

So ... that's a lot to take in, huh?

It's hard, because Debra does make some good points, and not many people would disagree that Sophia probably isn't in the best situation right now.

But at the same time, Debra is the one who raised Farrah. Why would anyone trust her with another child?

Ideally, there would be a sane adult in Sophia's life who could step in and save her. Someone who isn't so obsessed with fame and fortune, someone who actually has her best interest at heart.

Preferrably someone who hasn't already ruined a child (sorry, Deb).

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anyone like that available.

Thoughts and prayers for Sophia, please.

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