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As we’ve been seeing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, Farrah Abraham has a very, very dysfunctional relationship with her parents.

Well, we’ve seen it on Marriage Boot Camp, we’ve seen it on Teen Mom OG for years … the point is, things are awful and we know it.

Farrah Abraham Goes Bollywood

And it’s not all Farrah, either. As terrible as she may be, she learned that behavior from somewhere, you know?

Her mother, Debra Danielsen, is a great big giant piece of work … as big as Farrah, honestly.

And in a new sneak peek from Marriage Boot Camp, we’re seeing just how bad she can be.

In the clip, Debra returns to the mansion after leaving for a few days — as we saw in a previous episode, she left after her creepy boyfriend called and invited her to a "beer competition."

At the time, Debra’s reasoning was that her boyfriend had told her that he had some big surprise planned for her, which she imagined was a proposal.

Debra Danielsen and Boyfriend Picture

She told Farrah that she wasn’t going to "lose her boyfriend" by skipping the trip to stay in therapy with her family, and her response was that she could lose her daughter instead.

And honestly, it makes total sense why Farrah would be upset. But as we’re seeing in this new clip, she’s actually more than upset.

She’s positively livid.

The sneak peek begins with Debra waltzing into the mansion, announcing her return — except no one cares.

Kendra Wilkinson’s mother informs Deb that she "missed a lot" during her time away, but she just says that she’ll "have to get caught up then."

Debra Danielsen is sad

"You know, we would love to go home and visit our families and stuff," Kendra’s mom continues.

Debra’s excuse for leaving?

"It was a make or break situation that I needed to go take care of."

What kind of "make or break situation" goes down at a beer competition? And what kind of boyfriend does Deb have that’s so inconsiderate of her time that he’d force her to go?

Yeah, Marriage Boot Camp is a reality show, but it’s also supposed to be intensive therapy, and for Debra to leave her daughter really speaks volumes about her.

Farrah Abraham, Mom

"What was the f-cking life or death situation?" Farrah asks. "Did you get engaged?"

Deb says she didn’t, and that seems to push Farrah over the age.

"Take all your sh-t and go do you," she tells her mother, before Kendra cuts in to tell her not to waste her energy on her.

But Kendra herself doesn’t have a problem wasting her energy on Deb — she’s the first one to yell, telling Debra "You left, you abandoned your daughter, dude!"

Farrah, taking the hint, starts screaming at her mother, saying "You don’t really want to be here and be with me!"

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie

She actually starts crying, and when her mom tries to make more excuses she tells her "f-ck you" and walks off.

"You weren’t here the last two days," Farrah’s father, Michael, says. And when Deb tries to shrug it off, he really blows up.

"I am not your f-cking mat no more!" he yells — or, as one of The Situation’s brothers explains it, he "gets a pair of balls."

Later, Deb goes to apologize to Farrah, but it doesn’t go as planned.

Farrah, it turns out, is also sorry — "sorry for someone who says they want a family and then they f-ck up their family."

Farrah on TMOG

Deb asks her why she’s swearing, and it’s apparently because Deb is a "psycho, stupid, twisted, manipulative motherf-cker. And you’re not a family member."

Her anger carried over to a confessional in which she told Debra "You’re not my f-cking mom. You’re a f-cking stranger off the f-cking street as far as I’m concerned, and good luck."

She also told her that "You’re a stupid, dumb bitch. If you don’t want to be degraded, if you want me to f-cking respect somebody, then give me something to respect."

While Farrah is, of course, terrible, she has a point.

And what does it say about Debra that, at least at this point in time, she looks worse than Farrah Abraham?