Farrah Abraham: Daughter Displays Disturbing Behavior in New Teen Mom OG Clip

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Look, we all know that there are lots of things wrong with Farrah Abraham.

Like, just so many things.

Abraham, Farrah: A Photo

She's rude and abrasive, her voice is so grating, she's loud and hateful and she rarely makes sense. It's actually kind of hard to think of a redeeming quality about this girl, as sad as that may be.

In the early days of Teen Mom, it was a little easier to root for her. She was dealing with a bad family situation, and after she found herself pregnant as a teenager, the father of her baby passed away.

She worked hard to get ahead, and while she still wasn't the most likable back then ... well, she wasn't like she is now.

We really just want to drive it home how awful Farrah can be, OK?

And unfortunately, it seems like her daughter Sophia may be suffering for it.

In this new Teen Mom OG sneak peek for next week's episode, we see Farrah and Sophia at a restaurant with Farrah's mother, Debra.

Sophia and Farrah Abraham

Farrah starts telling Deb about Sophia's latest career move, because remember, even though Sophia is just eight years old, she already owns her own boutique, and she also models.

She has so much on her little kid plate that Farrah pulled her out of school so she could homeschool her herself, because we can all see that ending well, right?

Anyway, Farrah says that Sophia booked a new modeling gig for a fashion show, and that she gets to walk the runway like the little baby diva she is.

Deb gets all excited and starts talking to Sophia about it like she is a literal baby, but the kid already isn't here for it -- she just nods while focusing on her coloring.

The subject changes to Deb's man, Dr. David, and when that happens, Sophia's mood changes, too.

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Abraham

When Deb starts talking about their wedding, which was then in the planning stages, Sophia starts mumbling to herself, then she begins growling at her grandmother.

The adults ignore it for a little bit, but when Debra pulls up photos of her wedding dress on her phone, she starts hitting herself while staring at good ol' Grandma.

It's more than a little concerning.

Finally, Farrah reacts, telling her "Do not punch yourself! Are you angry?"

Sophia just keeps glaring at Deb, so Farrah pulls her away to speak to her in private.

"You're not happy hearing about the wedding?" she asks her. "'Cause it's upsetting?"

Farrah, Sophia Abraham Pic

Sophia answers with "I never want to see her again if she gets married to David."

This whole thing is very hard to watch, because it's hard to think about all the things Sophia has been exposed to in her short little life.

Just last season, we saw her sit there as Deb cried and talked about killing herself -- and we all know that's just the tip of this messed up iceberg.

Since Deb did go through with marrying Dr. David, and since Farrah seems to be handling the situation better herself, Sophia feels a little better about the situation now.

But man, this clip is a rough one:

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